EA7GV, José is the first MG in south spanish EA7. He acomplished his 1000 points today in Portugal.

Enhorabuena Jose.


Good job José :beers:

It has been a few years since our last QSO - hope we can have another one soon.


Congrats Jose! Nice to see you on the goat crew! Now to the second!

Un abrazo Jose y enhorabuena. 73s

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Congratulations José, well deserved!! The second MG is closer.

73 de EA4R Alf

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Congrats José to MG! Hope to hear you soon again.
73, Stefan

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Congratulations Jose on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Felicidades, Jose! (Pardon the missing accent)
I look forward to better band conditions so we can have another QSO.
Un abrazo, David N6AN

Congratulations on achieving MG.
It’s always a pleasure to hear your strong signal from your home station.
73, Éric

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Congratulations Jose! Thank you for all the contacts. Looking forward to many more.

Ken, W4KAC

Congratulations Jose I think you Chased me the other day.
Well done on Mountain Goat Award.
Ian vk5cz …

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Bravo!! Congratulations on your MG. Looking forward to many more SOTA QSOs. 73! Mike, WB2FUV

Mis felicitaciones, José !!!
73 de ON7 “don Quijote” (de la Bélgica)

Congrats Jose :goat: and thanks for the many chaser QSO.

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Hola José,
Congrats to your mountain goat, well done!
Have fun and enjoy your stay in Portugal.
73 Stephan

Congratulations José! :goat:
73 Fabio

Congratulations Jose and tnx for mni qsos


Declan EI6FR

Tnx for hundreds of calls and S2S. It’s always a pleasure to hear your distinctive voice in my radio.

73 Chris

Many congratulations Jose. It is always a pleasure to have a QSO, buf we have yet to have a S2S. Hopefully we can manage that soon.

73, Gerald

Congrats Jose, well done. Many thanks for the chases and S2S. I hope to hear you again very soon.

73 Marek

Congratulations José !

73 de Jan