EA7 Mountain- and Climbing Friends - Feedback needed

To all Mountain- and Climbing Friends in EA!

I want to travel to Andalusia in February to go climbing, do some via ferratas and hopefully do some SOTA activations on 2-Meter-Band.
I’m thinking of El Chorro to go climbing (because there should be plenty easy routes), but i can’t find too much about via-ferratas in this area. Could you give me some ideas, which place in Andalusia would be good to stay (to be close to some nice via ferratas and a nice easy climbing area)?
Maybe there’s a better location than El Chorro?
We (me and my girlfriend) want to stay in a holiday home or cottage, patio with nice view would be great, and a kitchen to cook. I think we don’t need a pool in February, but short ways to good mountain activity is important :smile:

And… one more question for 2-Meter SOTA activations:
Here in DL we use 145.500 MHz for calling CQ SOTA.
How you do in EA?
Any Chance to make 4 qso on 2 Meter?

Thanks for your feedback! and 73s

Hi Tobias,
I had a quick search on the internet and found the web site of the Rock climbers Andalusian Association. If you go there http://www.escaladoresandaluces.com/aaee/index.php/contacto
You’ll see this. I’d recommend you to write an e-mail to the Malaga contact person Nicolas Rando, given that El Chorro, where you want to go climbing to, is in Malaga.
Good luck and best 73 de Guru.

Hi again Tobias,
You can also check this web site for vias Ferrata in El Chorro:

The ones listed in the first page are high level ones. They are rated:
Muy difícil = Very difficult
Solo espertos = For experts only
Difícil = Difficult
Moderado = moderate, like this one:

Good luck.
73 de Guru

Finally, what I’m going to tell you about now is not in the warm and sunny Andalusia, but in the North of Spain, near my QTH.
Let me tell you about a place called Etxauri. The top of this rocky massif is a SOTA EA2/NV-070 (1138m). You can have up to 800 different rock climbing routes where 20% of them are up to V level, 30% are V+ to 6c+, 30% are 7a to 7c+ and 20% are 8a to 8c+.
There are no 9 level routes.
I can’t find any information about vias ferrata here but have a look yourself over here:



Hi Guru,

many thanks for all your feedback!
Now i’ve got some good new steps for my research :wink:

Hope to hear you on the bands some day!

Tobias, DG4TAR