After 2 months, EA6 is still a virgin … but for how long?

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One would hope it won’t be as long as Lebanon, given the fact that EA6 has fewer stray bullets…by a long shot.

Elliott, K6EL
Chaser Clown

It happened! On August 11, EA6/LA7DHA/P activated EA6/MA-044 Talaia d’Albercutx. As far as I know, this was the first ever EA6 activation.

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Hi Peter
Nick G4OOE and I will be in EA6 with our walking group next April. We are booked into a hotel in Puerto Pollensa and will concentrate on the summits in the north east of Mallorca.
73 Phil G4OBK

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I was going to Puerto Pollensa or Alcudia next week with radio gear - however I changed my mind & booked North Scotland instead :slight_smile:

Hi Phil,

Franz ON9CBQ and I are making plans for our next SOTA trips: EA6 is on the candidates list …

Feel tempted, too, being there soon. But with only one week and of course several families activities planned, it would not be worth to squeeze radio gear in with the chance for perhaps one squeezed in activation. Well, always a next time. Oh, and may be it may be a small extra business to lease SOTA-gear in EA6 :wink:

I hope I will be in EA6 region from 25th to 30th October 2014. After Sicily island IT9, this will be my second SOTA expedition this year. I will bring my standard SOTA activation equipment: Yaesu FT-817ND, LDG Z-817 ATU, LiPo battery and Buddistick antenna. I hope to work you as many as I can, the spots on SOTAwatch and DXcluster would be very appreciated :smiley:

73, Milos S57D

I’d love to do it.
I’ve been there 3 years running and the year the association becomes active I’m not there :frowning:

I’m still looking at a possible October/November trip.
Any takers for a DXpedition?


EA6/S57D/P SOTA expedition on Santuari de Cura, EA6/MA-032 and Puig de Sant Salvador, EA6/MA-035:

  • 200 QSO
  • Bands: 14, 21, 28MHz
  • 35 DXCC (G, S5, EA, DL, IK, HB9, CU3, ON, OE, OK, SV, PA, HA, OM, RA, EI, YO, E7, SP, F, UA9, ES, SM, UX, 2M, LY, W, EA6, MW, MI, OZ, F, LX, EW, VE)
  • RIG: Yaesu FT-817ND
  • Output power: 5W
  • Ant: Buddistick vertical
  • Accu: 2x 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo

SOTA activation report: S50LEA • Poglej temo - SOTA ekspedicija Mallorca EA6/S57D/P, 29.10.2014

73, Milos S57D

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Thanks Milos, read message using Google translation services and very interesting. Maybe we will activate these these two summits next April when I and G4OOE visit. I’ll like to do Ibiza sometime also, if the Mallorca trip is a success it will be a possibility.
Many thanks

Hello, Phil.

I was very happy to work you and other SOTA friends from EA6. I was with the group, so I had no time to activate Ibiza Island. It is three and the half hour long trip from Ibiza to Mallorca (or vice versa) with fast ferry. I am sure you will have successfull SOTA activations there. See you on the air!

73, Milos S57D