Sorry for second summit today, I was back too late from EA6/MA-034, and had to do some shopping too, hi.
Maybe I can do it sunday, will put alert if so.

As for tomorrow, those that are on a summit and have access to the spots, please find and call me for S2S !
I have no data, so can’t see who is activating at the same time as me.

73, Luc

Hi Luc,
Just came into shed to shut things down. Out in the garden with RRT on my mobile. Very pleased to catch you today on 034 with such a great signal…
Very best wishes and enjoy the shopping :wink:
Night night.

Just put up two new alerts for tomorrow, first one is pretty sure, second not sure … I may end up at the beach instead … hi

I copied you at around 57 / 58 yesterday Luc during the NA<>EU S2S event, but you were on someone else’s frequency. I did not hear you again afterwards or see your signals on PSK. Maybe I will be able to work you tomorrow from the home QTH.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Second summit canceled for today, did try but track I chose was not possible in this heat … so went swimming instead hi …
73 Luc

Good idea :sunglasses:
Best wishes Luc.

Enjoy the swim Luc the Atlantic near me is flaming cold,hope to see you tomorrow.Enjoy the stay.
73 and have a good eve.Don.

Hello All,
just to let you know I got safely back home (and no problems with Palma security … will tell you later how I played that ‘clever’ … it obviously worked :wink:

Hope to get my logs in as soon as possible, and get a full report in the June Sota Newsletter, but jus as a quick summary :

  • 17 summits activated (had planned 20)
  • 528 qso’s (avg 31 per summit, max 59)
  • 35 S2S contacts (avg 2 per summit, max 6)

Thanks to all chasers and activators for the qso’s and the help, and especially to Ricardo, EA6AIF … the “Champion of Mallorcan SOTA” … HI

73 charito charito !


Glad you had a safe trip back and no hassle with security Luc.Many thanks for all the activation’s
and hopefully the shopping trips did not hit the credit card to hard.See you next time out.
73 Don G0RQL.

Hi Luc. I look forward to hearing all about your trip and especially about your clever play!

I will be in EA6/MA arriving 30th May and leaving 3rd June. No firm schedule for summits yet.

I’m planning to take FT817, 4.2 Ah LiFePO4, VX7, travel pole and wire antennas. Is any of that likely to attract much attention from security there?


Hi Luc,
Thank’s for all the SOTA’s on MA nice to have worked you on all but a few 4 I think I missed you on.
Ok thanks again.
Terry de G0VWP 73

Just uploaded 5 new tracks for EA6/MA(for summits 21/42/63/76/80).
I hope they are useful to someone in the near future …
If more info is needed on any summit, send me a mail off reflector.