EA6/ON7DQ/P - Mallorca Tour

Hello SOTA friends,

I’m on holiday on Mallorca EA6, from May 7 till May 21, 2017.
I’ll try to do as many summits as possible, and under the motto
"a summit a day, keeps the doctor away", this is a preliminary list :

** UPDATED LIST 4/5/2017 **

The first summit on May 7 will be in the afternoon around 13:00 UTC.
All others I think I’ll do first thing in the morning, then after the summit I can go for some food, do some tourist visit or go to the beach … and relax ! (with exception if I would do a second summit on that day)
Check the alerts page for more details as I will update frequently.

Another exception is May 13, then I would also go in the afternoon, and stay for an extended activation, between 12:00 and 17:00 UTC, for the EU<>NA S2S event.

I will try bands from 40m up to 10m depending on propagation, response from chasers.
Modes will be SSB or CW, all depending on circumstances, ability to self-spot etc …
Spotting help is very welcome and also on-the-air info on possible S2S contacts !

Equipment : KX3 (up to 15W), link dipole or endfed, also 2m FM with 5W from an FT1D and a quarterwave whip.
I have a roll-up Slim Jim, but would like to know if anyone on Mallorca is interested in a 2m contact ?
(otherwise I can save weight and leave the Slim Jim in my car).

Hope to hear a lot of chasers !

Luc - EA6/ON7DQ/P


I noticed that the datbase has been/is being updated, lots of new summits added to the list … so I may change my plans … keep an eye on the alerts page !
Luc - ON7DQ

Hi Luc:

I hope you enjoy your stay activating much summits in Mallorca.

Many Thanks to Simon, G4TJC, from the SOTA MT Summits Team, and Ricardo, EA6AIF, new RM from Mallorca Island.


Isidro Mira
EA6 Sota Manager.

I have to look my timetable because we can try VHF s2s.
Very often maritime tropo between EA6 and Marseille is quite good.
If it is possible i will go to F/CR-254 - Cap Canaille (Cassis), only sea on your direction.
73 QRO

Ok Roger
remember that I only have 2M FM with 5W, no SSB or CW.
And because of all the new summits in EA6/MA, I am rearranging my schedule, I will update my list soon.
But one change is that I will do EA6/MA-048 (Fumat) on Wednesday May 10, in the morning, that would be the closest summit to France, maybe try then ?

PS : looking on the map, I see that the whole region from Valencia to Barcelona may be in range too … any candidates there ?

Luc - ON7DQ

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Will you be QRV on 6 meters too ?

Yes 6m is possible, but I will concentrate on the enormous pile-ups (HI) in SSB/CW on 20-17, and maybe 40-30 too (depending on propagation).
I will test MSK144 and JT65 on 6m tonight with a local friend, if succesful, I will take a Windows tablet with me which runs FLDIGI, WSJT-X, etc.
[For those interested, I just found an Android App that can do JT65, but haven’t tested it yet. This would be great to do JT65 from my phone !]

Best shot will be May 13, when I will stay on a summit all afternoon for the EU <> NA event, Maybe I will setup the digital stuff then.

Just a message to tell you that I made an updated list of planned activations, see top of this topic.
Not sure that I will make them all, but I will post or adjust the alerts as days go by …
Luc - ON7DQ , coming soon now … EA6/ON7DQ/P !