EA6 Activation Reports - April 2015

Here is a link to my blog report of the activation of EA6/MA-035 on April 23rd:

There should be 13 more EA6 summit reports to follow as I find the time to catch up with writing them.

73 de Phil G4OBK


Blog report of my activation of EA6/ MA-032 Santuari de Cura is here

73 de Phil

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What type of feed line did you use (RG-58, RG-174, …)?

Hello Heinz

The thin RG-174 for bands 17m to 40m. I’ve just made up a 6m/10m/20m dipole though for the 6m/10m Challenge and for that I’ve used RG58. At home… Ecoflex 15. I don’t think a fishing pole would support that hihi!

73 Phil

Arriving at EA6/MA-056 Puig de son Segui:

Report of the activation on my blog: Link

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Blogged report on EA6/MA-044 Link

Good to see EA6/ON7PX/P QRV from this summit earlier today…

Blogged report on EA6/MA-040 Link

Good to see EA6/MM0DHY/P QRV also from some higher Mallorcan summits today…

More blog reports to come when I write them.

73 de Phil


That picture could easily be confused with Macrihannish Beach last week. There’s the same golden/white sand, palm trees etc. The hills look about the same but are much greener in Kintyre. All that’s missing is the sub-Arctic temperatures and a 35mph on-coast wind blowing! :wink:

Sorry you didn’t get the weather in Scotland Andy!

Here are my latest blog reports on EA6/MA-046 Talaia Vella and EA6/MA-057 Serra de la Punta


All 14 activation reports from my tour around Mallorca last month with G3TQQ and G4OOE are now completed in my blog. I hope future activators going to the island find them of use. All tracks (apart from “drive on” summits) have been uploaded to the SOTA Mapping Project.

Here is a photo of the topograph on the trig point on EA6/MA-048 Fumat. The Altberg boots pictured were written off and left in Mallorca - they split right across the back after around 4 years use (summer only):

73 Phil G4OBK

Hello Phil,
Thanks both for the summits and the reports/pics.
Glad you are not there now as the K index has been popping up and down for the last week; today K6 this morning 8-(

Hi Phil, I hope you recycled those boot laces!

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Thanks to you Mike (G6TUH) for the QSOs and support with spotting and usually being right on 14285 or thereabouts when I went there after the CW part of the job, saving me time not having to self spot. Very much appreciated.

Well Steve, I looked closely at the boot laces and their likely life expectancy and decided they could be left in Mallorca as well!

73 Phil

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Thanks for the write up and the QSO’s (including the cross mode one!)
Quite jealous looking at those photos. A group of my cycling buddies were staying in Port de Pollenca the same week, so I had to put up with a double teasing of pictures from both them and you most evenings!


HI Pete

Yes, the plane was full of cyclists, as was Port de Pollenca where we stayed. Some cyclists came with their bikes in the aircraft hold, some hired them on the Island. In fact when the tour bus doing the transfers called at the last hotel on the way home there wasn’t room for the bikes in their cases to fit on the coach so a transit van had to be summoned which followed the bus to Palma Airport!

Top class road bikes were being hired out by hire firms. I went into one bike hire shop to ask for directions and there must have been over 100 racing bikes in there for hire, Pinarello etc - top machinery. Our hotel had at least 10 cyclists staying there, they were taking their bikes to bed with them and keeping them in their rooms. Some had hired those tall small cars with windows in that are van shaped and they locked their bikes up in them at night. The roads were full of cyclists, when driving you had to be careful when passing cyclists, (often riding 2-3 abreast) in case a vehicle came from the other direction. On the steep descents on the Formentor peninsular which has 4 SOTAs on it, we were passed by several cyclists when coming downhill on the hairpins! Many of them were climbing the SOTA summits that had roads going to the top of them as well such as EA6/MA-032 EA6/MA-035 and EA6/MA-056. They certainly like a challenge. I was told that at the end of May the cycling tourist season drops off until the autumn due to the heat.

We only saw one cyclist down - knocked off on a roundabout by a car, poor lad his holiday was spoilt as he waited for the ambulance to arrive, and surprisingly we didn’t see one cyclist with repairing a puncture in around 350 miles of driving around the Island.

73 Phil