EA4HW unable to complete registration

Hi there, I’m Jorge EA4HFO, asking for help to EA4HW who is unable to complete sign up for uploading his activations.

He is not receiving the confirmation email.

Could please anyone give us a little help?

Thank you!

He has the 2 accounts already, how many more does he want? :slight_smile:

Why is he registering more accounts when he successful registered and verified an account at

July/31/19 5:10:41 PM

and then registered and failed to verify another account

Mar/1/21 10:09:45 AM

So that’s 1 verified and working accounts and a second account waiting for him to login when it will send another verification email for him to complete.

There is nothing showing for today, which says he never completed the registration request.

Maybe he should just use one of the accounts he has successfully created instead of creating more?

If you want to email me on his behalf (I’m guessing you’re doing the translation work, thank you) then he can reminded of the many accounts he has created so far and start using one of them whilst I delete the excess account.


Roger Roger, knowing this I can try to help him logging in, I will let you know if we are still having issues with the main account.

The second one (I think) is from his XYL, also ham radio operator :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the rapid response

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