EA4DOS and EA4DON 3rd MG

My best congratulations to Elena and Alejandro for getting their third MG. Less than a year has passed since their second MG. This couple is amazing and their activation rate is incredible.
Felicidades pareja !!

Antonio, EA4MY


Elena and Alejandro: amazing!!!
Best 73 Fabio

My best wishes for Alejandro and Elena; if you keep this progress it will be the 4th MG celebration in no time!
Take care and thanks for so many summits, for your patience to attend all chasers and for your friendship.
73 de Ignacio

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Great performance

Great achievement

73 Armin

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My most effusive congratulations on achieving 3xMG, dear Alejandro & Elena!
I’m very happy for your great progression and amazing performance.
Thank you for all your always very kind words and for so many QSOs.
Keep up the good work!


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Congratulations Elena and Alejandro, three times mountain goat, and in such a short time! Keep it up, in every way!


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73, Ken

Congratulations Elena and Alejandro!
Knowing this couple, is not a surprise their achievement…they are “born to get to the mountains” literally, and radio and SOTA are the best mates for this!!!
Felicidades amigos!!!
Moises, EA4MZ

They have an incredible rate.
Congrats to both of them.
Best 73

Congratulations Alejandro and Elena !! For many more mountains.73

Hi Elena and Alejandro,

Thank you very much for so many S2S.
See you soon again :wink:

73, Jarek

Good evening Elena and Alejandro @EA4DOS and @EA4DON

Also from me congratulations for reaching the third mountain goat :+1: :goat: :beers: Continue to enjoy the hobby and see you soon in a QSO :wave:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Muchas felicidades,Alejandro y Elena,por vuestro tercer MG es un placer hacer contactos con vosotros un fuerte abrazo amigos.


A great achievement in so short a space of time, well done!
73 de OE6FEG

Very Congratulations to Elena and Alejandro !!

73 de Jan SM5LNE

Apologies friends for the delay in attending to your kind congratulations, we were on the route of activations and technical issues prevented us from writting back to you.

The reason for your attention is nothing but a number with some zero, which to have authentic value it is necessary to give it content, and for us this comes from:


Unknown summits and places.

Known summits but of pleasant memory.

Weather forecasts.


Summit selection.

Difficulty rating.

Travel itinerary to reach the starting points.

Path to the summits. GPS, mountain guides.

Personal and radio equipment.


Soft start pacing breathing, cardio and muscles, until we feel the deep sensation of LIVING integrated in the nature that welcomes us.

Dose the forces, control the fatigue, and reach the chosen summit happily.


Impatient desire to resolve the uncertainty of the result of the operation, installation of antennas and equipment, selection of frequencies, and if possible, sending notices.

Listening time on the chosen frequency and… QRL ?, CQ, CQ, Sota… …

When in 40 m we listen to Manuel EA2DT, or in 20 m to Lars SA4BLM, we breathe satisfied, we are in the air and the activation has begun, then Miguel, Jan, Alfonso, Eric, Andy, Toni, Fabio from I/LO, Phil and a large number of friends will arrive. and we will enjoy meeting them in the air.


Sometimes of greater effort or attention than the ascension.

If it is relaxed, time to comment and remember the vicissitudes of the activation and the anecdotes that occurred, also sometimes anger for not so good performances, but in the end always happy to have completed the project that one day we imagined.


When already in the camper, and if we have coverage, we send the log sharing the record of the activated reference, a new chapter begins, tomorrow we will be in another place and before another summit, where we will surely again enjoy the satisfaction of being part of the great SOTA family.

Thank you all for giving us the opportunity to make all this possible, without you we could not do it.


EA4DOS, Elena

EA4DON, Alejandro.


Felicitaciones Pareja

Congratulations to you both and your achievement. Well done. :smiley: :beers: :champagne:

Cheers Geoff vk3sq.

PS, great photo of you both with the award.