EA2IF/P apologies for failed 12m activation of EA2

I had my first fully on my own activation today at EA2/NV-92 and, although I announced here that my activity would cover 2m-FM and 12m-CW, I must apologize because I ran out of batteries after my 2m-FM work and didn’t get any power for even a QRPP activity on 12m.
Sorry for miscalculating my batteries duration.

In reply to EA2IF:

Hi Guru, don’t worry, something similar happened to me yesterday for a different reason, I could’t adapt my antenna for 12m, hi hi.

Most probably any Sota activator has experienced many situations where you couldn’t finally activate.
If you do a search on te Reflector you’ll find a thread called “Doh moments” ,well here it is:

Enjoy the reading and see the many and varied issues we all have experienced…

Cross my fingers so that you’ll have a complete succesful activation next time; maybe together?
Take care, cheerio,

Ignacio EA2BD