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EA2DT has 300.000 chaser points

Many many Congratulations !! always in my log !!

73 de IW0HK Andrea

Congratulations Manuel, it is something fascinating, it is lucky to have hunters like you, because there is a lot of friends left to follow

Mi enhorabuena Manu por alcanzar los más de 300.000 puntos como perseguidor SOTA me satisface un montón ver EA2DT en mi log de cada una de mis salidas es una varadera maravilla tu constancia como perseguidor de todos los diplomas un abrazo

Congratulations on that great achievement. 300.000 is an incredible number!!

Congratulations Manuel for being in my log 226 times.

You are always on the other side of the pile-up ready to contact.

Gracias Manu por estar siempre ahí. A por los 400K… :laughing:

Great manuel :+1:

Fantastic result. I am not surprised though. Whenever I activate using HF you are always in my log. I think that there isn’t another chaser who managed that. I think I got the hot line to your shack.

Thanks for chasing.

73 Marek


Wow! When I read something like that, I can only marvel.

Congtats Manuel, fantastic! Always a pleasure to hear your voice when I make an activation.
73, Stefan

300 000 is a remakable score - many congratulations, Manuel. Also thanks for the QSOs along the way, including 2 more this week. Hope to catch you again soon.

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Congratulations Manuel !
You are 203 times in my activator log - vy tnx for that .
Here are the 3 first and the 3 last QSOs.


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Congratulations Manuel for reaching that important level, but especially for each and every radio conference to achieve it, those are your personal satisfaction.
As activators, we highly value the cleanliness of your transmission in cw, as well as the precision and cordiality of your communications in ssb, it is always a pleasure to listen to you.
Thank you for being our first hunter.
Until the next activation.
Felicidades Manuel por alcanzar ese importante nivel, pero especialmente por todas y cada una de las jornadas de radio para conseguirlo, esas son tu satisfacción personal.
Como activadores, valoramos muchísimo la limpieza de tu trasmisión en cw, así como la precisión y cordialidad de tus comunicados en ssb, siempre es un placer escucharte.
Gracias por ser nuestro primer cazador.
Hasta la próxima activación.


Manuel, yours was the first SOTA callsign I learned to match to a name, as you are simply always there whenever I activate. Usually first. I’m always very glad to hear you because it means everything is working and success is likely! 300k points is an incredible achievement. Congratulations :slight_smile:

bravo Manuel !!! muchas gracias por ser siempre presente !!
un abrazo!! de Beppe

Even my partner, who doesn’t use a radio knows your name… she always asks if we have chatted. A true legend!



Hey Manuel!
Congratulation for 300.000 chaser points!!! Unbelieveable!! Thank you for always calling me!! 73, Andy OE6ADE

Hola Manuel

Enhorabuena por tus trescientos mil puntos, gracias por responder siempre a mi y a los otros muchos anuncios. Quédate con nosotros en el QRG durante mucho tiempo.

73 de HB9HOR

Hola manuel,
Felicidades por tus 300.000 puntos en la chasing.
Buena suerte y espero tener muchas más QSO’s contigo.
Mejor 73
Pablo DL6FBK

Hi Manual
Awesome. Congrats. Thanks for all the QSOs.
Fritz HB9CYX

Simply impressive Manuel. It is always a pleasure and joy to know that you are on the other side waiting. Also always attentive in case you need anything, cluster etc… Thank you !!!

Simplemente impresionante Manuel. Siempre es un placer y alegría saber que estás al otro lado esperando. Además siempre atento por si necesitas alguna cosa, cluster etc… Gracias !!!

Amazing achievment, Manuel! Thank you for always being on my frequency. You are my most faithful chaser by far.
A few years ago on holidays I activated every day and didn’t hear you at all for the first two days. It felt unusual and I started to worry. I was glad to hear your call on the third day.
Thanks again!

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