EA2BI-055 afternoon short & noisy activation

Just after going out from work, I started the motorbike and went to the near Ganguren summit for a short activation.

Meanwhile, Marcial EA2BDS was hiking to EA2/BI-052 Artanda for the same. He has not had very good luck (I’ll let him explain if he wants to) and, on my side, I had to suffer the tremendous rf noise at Ganguren, full of TV and phone repeaters. As on the bike I cannot carry big poles, I used only a 3,5m one, with my 10m. length L(s)W. The small size of the antenna added to the big noise, made quite difficult to hear the chasers, so I beg their/your pardon, specially to Vlado OM1AX, who has insisted (first on 14mhz and later on 24mhz) until we made the QSO. (Thank you, Vlado, that’s a real chaser!)

Around 16:40 UTC, 24mhz turned less noisy, letting me to make some NA QSO’s just before packing and meeting Marcial for a bit of chatting and a repairing beer.

On sunday we’ll be again on the line, with Marcial trying to reach “Basajaun” -activator- award from his last needed EA2/SS summit, and with me on his side, of course!

Thank you all, & 73 de Mikel

Hallo Mikel…
Afternoon on 20m I calling’U (CW)but NIL…pile-up…
Soo…but I knew that you will be on the 12m cw…
Tnx for qso CW/12m!.Specifically left my second TRX at 24.905:))S99++for control on the terrace.The poetry of CW!.
Vy 73 de Rob(ert) SP8RHP.