EA2/VI-060 Luxamendi. New norcal doublet on test

Hi all!
First of all, I wish to thank you all the chasers for being there and making the activation successful! Also, for the respect shown when I called DX on CW (which let me make QSO with CU3 and VK2). And reaching to S2S 700 points as well!
So, despite the rain and a pair of “phantoms”, today activation has been a first class one.
73 and again, many thanks.

Mikel EA2CW (today comfortably sitting on the grass)

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In reply to EA2CW:
Hello Mikel
Thanks for the report.
I tried to work you today but i didn’t hear you at all.
Best 73 and see you again.
Andre - f5ukl

In reply to F5UKL:

I’m so sorry Andre, but we’ll try again! I wanted to be longer, but the rain didn’t let me stay… Now, at home, I have sun :-/ (Murphy attacks again)

Agur bero bat,

Mikel EA2CW

In reply to EA2CW:
Merci Mikel
We expect 15 rainy days, here. No luck for sota :-(((
See you soon.

In reply to F5UKL:
Hola Mikel. Una pena de día.
Hoy había madrugado para estar mucho tiempo en la montaña y disfrutar del día y de más QSOs, pero la lluvia me hizo desmontar rápido y salir corriendo, el horizonte se puso muy feo.
Al final solo 34 QSOs en 26 minutos… espero que otro día sea mejor.
Yo también quiero dar las gracias a los cazadores que estaban al otro lado.
73s para todos EA2EX

Hi Mikel. A day penalty.
Today had to be up early for a long time in the mountains and enjoy the day and more QSOs, but the rain made ​​me dismount and run fast, the horizon was very ugly.
In the end only 34 QSOs in 26 minutes … I hope other day better.
I also want to thank the hunters who were on the other side.
73s for all EA2EX

In reply to EA2CW:
Hi Mikel,

Great to work you again - thanks for the contact. I had to try new ways of pulling you out of the noise as your signal was down compared to yesterday. Maybe the doublet was not broadside to VK as it should always be :slight_smile: There were plenty of EU activations yesterday and I made 6 contacts - my best ever. Unfortunately missed Ed, DD5LP/VK2JI on SSB and a M0 PSK station I was chasing.

The SPX100 antenna you had the previous day amazed me. It looks very similar to the Opek HVT-400B that I have but never used on a summit. Very impressive to make the contact with such a compact antenna!

73, Gerard - VK2IO

In reply to VK2IO:
Hi Gerard!
I’ll try to make today a new early activation with the doublet oriented on the right direction :wink:
I’ve searched thru internet the other antenna you mentioned and yes, I think both are the same. And it left me astonished too!

Later at home, I thought that the trick could be the metallic fence around at which I connected the ground radials… ?I’ve never listened before so strong signals from VK, despite being using larger antennas. Misteries of the propagation?

Hope to meet you in a few hours, go to sleep a bit!
73 de Mikel