EA2/VI-007 Activation. Top one!

Today was our (Marcial EA2BDS and me) second try to activate this summit, the first one being some 15 days ago, when we didn’t achieve it because of the really strong wind, low temp and snowing just when we started hiking.

But today the situation was completely different. Even part of the path and the summit was covered by snow, there was no trace of wind or clouds, and the temp was abt. 8-10 deg. C.

The most beautiful of the surrounding summits left us “open-mouth”. Summits from EA2/BI, EA2/VI, EA1/BU and so, could be viewed from ours. 360º of clear vision. Impressive! (I’ll try to upload some photos later).

So, after enjoying the place for a while, we started setting up our rigs, and had -at least for me- our best activation day, in any sense.

Here my numbers (which are not enough to represent the joy)

  • 101 QSOs
  • 32 Countries
  • 5 S2S QSOs with Marek EI7KH/P, Tomek SQ9OZH/P, Aage LA1ENA/P (on 14 and 24 Mhz), and Dino SV3IEG/P
  • 21 QSOs on 24 Mhz

Thank you to all the old & new friends who have worked us today.

73 de Mikel EA2CW

In reply to EA2CW:
Hi Mikel,

Nice to catch you today on 30 mtrs ! For me a new unique one. Again nice signals here in Holland.
Almost reached the 1000 uniques, just 60 to go.

PS how many power you where running ? 5 W, or more ? TRX the FT-817 ?

Good luck es cuagn PA9CW, Tonnie

In reply to PA9CW:
Hi, Tonnie!

As always it is, nice to QSO with you. As I heared the mighty “CW” and something “P” before, I knew it were you

I think this summit has never been activated on CW before. We are looking for these ones for putting them on the air.

I was using inverted V linked dipole on FT-817 @ 10 watts (I think that due to low voltage it would be ± 7-8 watts), but I think Marcial’s 20 mtrs EFHW works better on 24 Mhz… Eventually, I’ll try mine too.

CUAGN SUN on a new one, 73 de Mikel

In reply to EA2CW:

Hi Mikel,

thanks for S2S! It was also sunny on EI/IS-038 Cush today, but quite windy.
Apologies to the chasers I didn’t work today: a gust of wind started chasing my sweater and other stuff over the summit, I ran off to catch it, and torn off the BNC connector on my coax in the process. Will have to do some crimping and soldering over the Christmas.

73 de Marek EI7KH