EA2/SS-030 Murugain on SAT's

Hello everyone.
Tomorrow we celebrate in EA2 the SOTA Day (SOTA Eguna) 2016 on Murugain Mountain EA2/SS-030. Many operators working simultaneously on all bands HF-VHF-UHF with the Special Callsign EG2UNA.
I will try to do something diferent, working SAT’s from the summit with the help of Juan Carlos EA2EEB.
I had operated many times via SAT’s from my QTH, but it will be the first time that I operate SAT’s from portable. The antennas setup will be a little bit improvised for this activation but I think that will works well.
Fortunately we have consecutive the passes of 3 satellites (AO-85, FO-29 and AO-73) between 09:30 and 11:00 utc.
We will try to work in full-dupplex with two transceivers and two yagis mounted on a photography tripod.
I hope this activation via SAT’s may be interesting to same of you.


Hi Javi,
good luck with your Sat activation! Let us know if you could qualify the summit with your “birds”.

Let me remind this is the yearly celebration of EA2 activators, and this is the third time it is held.
A large number of activators will join in this summit on June the 12th to celebrate the event for the third time since 2014.
Alerts have been put by activators showing planned bands and modes.

More info and some pictures in the future in this link:

Good luck in the activation and enjoy the celebration.
73 de Ignacio

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Beautiful day with very good temperature.
We arrived to the summit just in time to mount all equipment.
The first SAT was AO-85. The “bird” was very bussy with operators from all europe. I prefer the SSB SAT’s because you can take a free frequency and call all the pass without problems.
At the end of the pass of AO-85 I finded a free space to call. Two stations from Italy and Spain answered my call, but I could not complete the qso’s. Something was wrong in the downlink. I revised the VHF yagi used for the downlink and yes, the shield of the dipole was broken…
The next SAT was FO-29, one of my favorites. I tried to fix the problem in the antenna but it was imposible because it was necessary to weld the shield to the dipole…
Anyway I tried to work the pass of FO-29 but did not found my signal on the dowlink. The VHF yagi was working wrong on the Uplink.
End of activation. Many thanks to EA2EEB Juan Carlos for your help.
And Sorry to the stations that called me and I could not heard.
I will try again to put SOTA on SAT’s. I think that it may be interesting


Some images of the SOTA day. In future cases, the result will be better.

73 de EA2DCA


Thank you and pleased to work the special call :sunglasses: .
Best wishes.