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Just chatted with Inaki on 20m after waiting a while for the Callers to calm down and thin out.

He mentions in QSO strong QRN sounds similar to what we used to get on 11mb FM cb bands years ago. On where the S meter just rises and sounds like waves on seashore and signals ride in and out on it like there surfing the noise level. No doubt Es at play. What used to get our attention in CB days was the S meter climbing to S9 plus like a tidal wave and await to see whom was going to ride in on it. Yet the main feature of this local stations around you could not longer be heard , nothing local, but Inaki reckons a lot local stations from spain coming through as heard here a lot of spanish chasers calling in

Not getting that here but his signal was cracking in s9 to s20+ and dropping out just like a SE roller coaster. Be interesting what antenna he was using and TX wattage. Should have asked really did not think it about at time as audio seemed stronger than normal too.

always a pleasure to work you Inaki


Hello Karl,
Inaki was suffering from very high winds on the summit which was chucking his antenna about quite a lot…

Hi mike did hear he,s had to do two repairs as well while listening for it to quieten down as was well busy with chasers and impatient people

Any any one else heard HB9BIN/p riding in way he did on 7.144 clouting me at 20+ for over ten minutes with rest of band in poor state with S9 noise level yet he rode in well loud and clear like a local.

Thinks he,s running about 80w and 40m DP from what he mentioned to another station.

Still 1053km between us on 40m daytime was unreal
Shame my little old 10w not making it back he did say has also high noise level and am prob well in it.


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I worked HB9BIN/p on 20m CW this morning. S2S qso. Booming signal! My 5w whistle got also 5nn from him. Not too bad given today’s condx.

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Love the wind theory. Made my day thanks :unamused:

Hello Dave @M0IBC,

Not sure what your reference to “wind theory” was about?

If it was a response to my post about Inaki and his antenna blowing about on a mountain then you must have experienced the effect of a antenna moving about rapidly on a hill or mountain. When you last trundled out in 2012 was there no wind on WB-004?

My inverted V is hung on a larch tree. Our house is on a hill and when it really blows I can see the effect on the reception of signals - up and down - have you not found that? Not a theory just my observations of what happens when the wind blows :wink:

Well no rain today so had jobs outside to do, so little radio - but the rain returns tomorrow.


Night night