EA2 SOTA Day 2014 - SOTAren Eguna

Hi all!

On Sunday, June 15th, 2014, We will celebrate the first EA2 SOTA Day “SOTA EGUNA”. (2014-06-15 for follow the standards). We’ll activate Saibi Mt. EA2/BI-014, near Durango (Bizkaia) using the special call EG2SOA, on all bands & modes. Then we’ll have a “sota” lunch at Urkiola, 1 hour from the summit.

All of you are invited to call, chase, or take part!

More info at:

73 de Mikel!

Just to remember, tomorrow will be the Day:

Callsign: EG2SOA
Summit Saibi. Ref: EA2/BI-014
QRG: 7-24Mhz, CW SSB PSK + 145 FM

73 de Mikel

In reply to EA2CW:

Hello Mikel,

a pity I couldn’t joint the big team of EA2 operators today. Another family meeting put my interest to attend to the EA2 Sota party on hold… Not a single Sota qso today!

We wait for your detailed report and pictures. Hope you enjoyed a lot.

Take care, 73
Ignacio EA2BD

In reply to EA2BD:

fantastic day Ignazio…


We’ve had a nice SOTA day, amongst SOTA friends. Not too much radio activity, but a lot of chatting about it! Hope to repeat it next years, with even more people! Today participants (plus relatives, also very important in cases):

EC2AG Antonio
EB1CU Andoni
EA2DR Hipólito
EA2EX Patricio
EA2BDS Marcial
EA2DXY Roberto
EA2DYS Alberto
EA2CIA Iñaki
EA2CQ Iñigo
EA2EEB Juancar
EA2DCA Alberto
EA2DNO Iratxe
EB2FDT Javier
EA2CW Mikel

Thank you to all for taking part, sorry if I missed someone, but there was a lot of people -big and small- to watch for while moving around the summit!

More info & photos (still growing) at:

73 de Mikel

In reply to EA2CW:
Hola Mikel.
Magnifico día SOTA.
Montaña, radio, restaurante, charla, y bien organizado.
Esperando para repetir el próximo año.
73 de EA2EX.

Hi Mikel.
Magnifico SOTA day.
Mountain, radio, restaurant, talk, and well organized.
Waiting to repeat next year.
EA2EX 73.