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EA2/ NV-017 Adi Summit

A nice hike between Christmas and New Years.
The snow melted after several days of sunshine and the southerly wind which caused the temperatures to rise.
I decided to go back to Navarre (northern Spain) to activate Mount Adi (1450 meters). As usual, despite good weather, the approach to the summit reveals English fog with a little icy wind; more was needed to reduce my motivation.
I installed my 20 / 40m dipole from SotaBeams.
First contact on 2M with F4WBN as usual to among other things help me to spot myself, also an S2S with EA2DCA located 95 km from me, that I found later on the 40 M.
Many people on the 40M so I went on the 20 meter band
A total of 48 QSOs with 6 S2S and one QSO with New Zealand.
Thank you to the usual chasers for your presence.
I’ll go back to Spain in the next two days for a final double activation before the end of the year.
73 ’


Merci pour les contacts sur VHF et 7 mhz, Alain. Salutations et à bientôt. :wink:

Eskerrik asko QSOagatik. Agur

Wonderfully familiar lanscape - but so far from here. Schist country (geologically)? I’d have sworn it was Central Otago (ZL) but for the deciduous trees & clustered settlements in the background.

Thanks for the account & photos.

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Eskerrik asko Alberto.
A bientôt pour de nouveaux S2S

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Yes Matt,
I am not an expert, but the Basque Mountain is superb; mainly the one located in the province of Navarre on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees.
I have been living in Bayonne, in the province of Labour in the Basque Country on the French side and I carry out most of my activation on the Spanish side within 60 km from my house.
I invite you to come to our country of nature and tradition unless I decide to come to your beautiful country for fly fishing on the Ruakituri and Whakapapa rivers in the North Island.


Thanks for sharing !
Great job
73 de Roger