EA2/BI-063 May1st Activation, failed EA2/VI-042

1st of May Marcial EA2BDS and me had planned to hike Motxotegi EA2/VI-042 and arriving early in the morning. But, at 06:30 UTC after arriving to the start of Motxotegi path, the rain changed from “siri-miri” as we call here to a light rain to a heavier one, and it seemed to have came to stay 8-(

So, after thinking on making a short VHF activation or leave, we finally decided to return towards home, paying a visit to EA2/BI-063 Lemoatxa, a small and very easy summit which has also on the top a small forest chapel which gives shelter on rainy SOTA days… It would not be new for us, as Motxotegi would be (as for the rest of CW chasers. It was going to be its 1st CW activation) but enough to calm our SOTA fever…

We could finally work HF (while we were seeing how the rain was over after 2-3 hours) and on my side I had the pleasure of making more than 80 QSOs including 7 S2S ones (Thanks Marko, Tonnie, Antonio, and the rest)

I suffered also a bad experience, as I decided to go to 40 mtrs to end the activation. I was stunned how people behaved there. I was able to see a complete lack of respect to the other chasers, people calling without leaving even a small space for me to answer. Calling part of the callsigns I’ve heared was useless too. As it was to remain silent for 15-20 seconds while waiting the people to calm. No way! as I started transmitting again, the storm returned. So I decided to write down some (just 10) of the most “noisers”, and, for my suprise, most of them was not on the SOTA chaser lists! Later at home, I discovered that Lemoatxa, besides being a SOTA valid summit, has also a Geodetical Reference. So, unfortunately, I have decided not to activate again at that band. I am sorry for the ones that conducted as they might, but I dont want to spend my free (and short) time hiking for being assaulted by bad educated people. Nor trying to teach them either. It’s a matter of being on a hobby, to enjoy it, with good people, on the radio and nature!, and not being upset by a band of “cuatreros”.

73, and thanks again to all the SOTA chasers that make our activations so funny.

Mikel EA2CW

In reply to EA2CW:
thanks for the S2S on 1-5-2014 from my ON/ON-027 to your EA2/BI-063. I was cq-ing and you came back as fhe first one.
So that was my first qso and also my first S2S. I made 4 S2S qso 's that day, which is vy fine. Normally I don’t go around the bands to check for S2S, but this day I stayed longer, and did some “S2S-search”

Good luck 73, PA9CW. Tonnie

In reply to EA2CW :
Hola Mikel.
Gracias por tu nueva activación, y lamento mucho tu decisión sobre los 40 metros, es una lástima, como sabes yo también tomé esa decisión hace algún tiempo, aunque el gusanillo me hace salir en esa banda alguna rara vez.
Una lástima, pero lo importante es divertirse, asi que ánimo y adelante con SOTA.
73 de Patricio EA2EX

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Me parece de lo mas normal la decisión de Mikel,yo la he tomado también despeues de mi actividad desde Peñalrayo en la Rioja,y el pollo que me montaron…la pena es para los asiduo cazadores y amigos que tengo pero esto es para divertirse no para llevarse a casa un berrinche…

!!NUNCA MAS¡¡¡¡¡