EA1AER Reaches 2 X MG

We are happy to announce that our friend Juan Carlos, EA1 AER, SOTA Manager of District 1, has reached 2 x MG, in EA1/LE-220, as a result of his continued activity, but with the mountain and radio being his main objective.

The activators know of his methodical work, not without the ability to improvise, planning routes and executing ascents in his Montaña Leonesa and other Spanish natural spaces.

Once the activation has been carried out and through his EA1AER BLOG, he kindly makes available to all of us, reports, photos, and GPS traks of the summits climbed.

Hunters also enjoy their clean telegraphic manipulation to receive the activated Sota references, ensuring that they have always attended to the last interested correspondent.

Thank you and congratulations.


Felicidades Juan Carlos. Great to get you in the log today.

On to 3 x MG now !

Congratulations Juan Carlos. Thanks for today’s activation.

73 Richard

Felicidades Juan, apor la tercera :goat:
Un abrazo

Enhorabuena Juan Carlos!!

73 de EA4R Alf

Congratulations Juan Carlos :exclamation:

I am very happy to work you today on EA1/LE-220 and take a part in your 2 MG activation - thank you for your patience to copy SP59GURU :muscle:

73, Jarek

Congratulations Juan Carlos!! Keep it up!

Michael, N4DCW

Congratulazioni Juan!
73 Fabio

Congratulations to Juan, great work :slight_smile:
73, Richard M1HAX

Enhorabuena Juan Carlos!!!

Un crack.

Great job.

Enhorabuena Juan Carlos 2x MG :goat: :goat:!!!

73 de CT2HOV

Congratulations Juan, very good work!
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

Thank you very much for everything.

Yesterday’s activation was magnificent: long and quiet activation with 75 QSO and excellent propagation. First answer to my CQ was NT2A. Then there were three more Americans. Even a QSO with Indonesia: YC2VOC!!! Plus four S2S
The weather was superb, for February. The scenery was breathtaking, I knew little of the high area of the Piedrafita pass. A very rewarding second MG.

I want to give special thanks to Alejandro and Elena, EA4DON & EA4DOS, two great friends and a very close couple.

Thanks also to all the correspondents/hunters I have contacted. I really enjoy this wonderful combination of radio and mountain.

These days I am retiring from my job. I will have more time for new goals. I hope to hear you again on the mountain, even better if you are on another mountain!

Pico Laguna, EA1/LE-220, my last MG


Congratulations Juan, well earned trophy!
Your stories and writting in your blog is inspirational, and I was lucky to meet you when you guided me to a nice mountain in your area.

Enjoy your new personal situation with more free time. I guess you’ll visit many new summits.

Un abrazo 73

Congratulations Juan Carlos!!

Well done. Now straight for your 3 x MG.

Best 73!!