EA1/LE-122 invalid activation

Last October 10 I activated the summit sota EA1/LE-122, Peña Mora. Due to an error in the waypoint saved in my GPS I did the activation from a different summit. Consequently the activation is not valid.
All QSOs made with me that day do not count for the SOTA diploma, neither do S2S QSOs.

I am really sorry



Hi Juan,

Sorry to hear that the activation was at the wrong summit. This mistake is very easy to make in unfamiliar places. I hope you can go back to it and find the real summit. Your have very nice mountains there in EA1.

Best 73

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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It’s really disappointing finding such an error after the activation. You told me it was a long drive and a long hike of nearly 3 hours with the always attractive incentive of a 1st activation, but I’m confident that you will soon gather the will and energy to go back there again and carry out a successful 1st activation of EA1/LE-122.
You reached the actual summit, but due to your wrong GPS waypoint, you kept going, descended about 50m and ascended again to a wrong nearby summit. The good thing is you now know your total ascent time and effort won’t be that much, as you won’t have to do that final descend+ascent when you go back to activate the good one.
Take care and don’t worry too much. Many of us have made such errors. Admitting this one of yours has been a honest move from you :+1:



So sorry to hear about the mistake, moreover, when you did such a great effort and you got confused by a bad data in your GPS!
The only positive point is that you recognised the error and announced it in public; hats off for your honesty.

73 de Ignacio



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