EA1/EA2 trip July 10-17

I’m flying down to Santander (Spain) on Monday and hoping to activate over the following 6 or so days but the trip is definitely tourism as well as SOTA.

Spain’s a popular destination for Brits and I’m no exception, however this is my first trip to Northern Spain. One of my favorite Hemingway novels read as a teenager was “The Sun Also Rises” set in this general area. Needless to say I’m excited at the prospect of the trip.

Ignacio @EA2BD has helped me with some peak recommendations in the Picos de Europa area (Asturias province) and after one or some activations Tuesday/Wednesday will head east and stop in Vitoria to indulge in a little Napoleonic history and then on to Bilbao for the weekend.

Alerts to follow using EA/M0SNA/P.

All chasers welcome!!



Got to love this airport code!!


Welcome to northern Spain. Picos de Europa is a truly magnificent place. If you need anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

Juan, EA1 Area Manager


Hi Juan @EA1AER

Thanks for the welcome!

I had no idea what to expect and as we landed the passenger next to me said the area was like Scotland but warmer. Some truth in that.

Here is my first glimpse of the Pico de Europas from my hotel.

Impressive 8,000 ft peaks.


Hi Paul,
I saw your alert for today, hope the weather is good enough for you to go up.
Good luck!
73 Ignacio


Weather turned out to be great despite a cloudy start. A little warm but all round worth the effort as the views were magnificent.

Thanks for your help with this hike as I had tried to get to an easier trailhead but given its in the Parc and I didn’t have a reservation, wasn’t able to reach the trailhead by car.

I parked in Sotres as you suggested.

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Great Paul, congrats on your successful start in the area, I’m happy you reached the summit and activated. Sure you had a nice pile up from that one, as they are nor frequently visited by activators.

The views of the high Picos de Europa range heading South had been great, I guess.

Take care and good luck on your next days. Keep on reporting.


Not quite a UK trig marker or even a modest US brass disk, but none the less unique and memorable.

While a comedy of errors lead me to this peak yesterday (versus todays planned activation) the weather was great while today it’s decidedly so so.

Serendipity rules again.



Hi Paul,

I live two years ago un Asturias, if you want any info about sota etc, tell me.

Hope you enjoy in the north of Spain.