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EA1 Association first activations on 1 August

The recently approved EA1 association plans on activating several summits on 1 August, including Pendella (EA1/CR-002), Cova da Serpe (EA1/LU-046), and the only 10-point summit approved so far, Trevinca (EA1/OU-001).
We have not been able to post the alerts on Sotawatch so far because we are not yet on the database, but spots will be posted on the general DX clusters.
73 de Diego EC1CW

In reply to EC1CW:
Good luck Diego. Will try to move my activation to sunday in hope of a S2S VE-EA :wink:

In reply to EC1CW:

I hope to be out activating on Sunday - probably in GW/MW land, so I will look out for you. Great news that EA1 is joining in, I hope the rest of Spain follows - incl EA8.
73 Steve.

In reply to EC1CW:

Welcome EA-land at the SOTA family !!!
CU SN Diego
73 Luc ON6DSL

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we were unable to get the data to SOTAwatch to allow alerts and spots from our Spanish colleagues today. However, some inaugural day activity has been spotted on the normal DX clusters.

I wonder how many chasers found them -

EA1/CR-035 EA1HNP/P on 14MHz RTTY
EA1/OU-001 EE1URO/P on 7MHz SSB

73 de Les, G3VQO

SOTAwatch is now fully up-to-date, so that spots and alerts from our EA1 Association now function correctly. Apologies for the delay.

73 de Les, G3VQO