E7ØAA Zoran first MG in E7 herd!

Congratulations to Zoran E7ØAA on achieving Mountain Goat!
Zoran is almost only one activator in very rar SOTA land Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zoran E7ØAA/p on E7/BO-022 Vrana (1758m).

Well done my friend! :+1:
73, Mario DJ2MX with Sven DJ4MX

Ja još uvijek imam u planu da zajedno aktiviramo Maglić :sunglasses:


Congratulations Zoran on achieving Mtn Goat!! Tks 4 all the QSO’s along the way.

73 Rich N4EX

Well done Zoran! Congratulations on reaching MG.

Congratulations Zoran on being the first in Bosnia to achieve Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Zoran for achieving Mountain Goat Award.
vk5cz …

Congrats !
I’m very far with my 10 points… :joy:

Thanks for QSO this saturday from TK/TK-073.

Patrick TK5EP

Hurry UP Mario, Maglić will retired vary soon, congrats to Goat…

Bravo Zorane !!

Congrats, Zoran, for the MG and for being a SOTA Pioneer in your country.


Bjr Patrick,
thanks for calling in!
Unfortunately we didn’t have internet on the summit, and I was very happy about
7 S2S QSO’s :grinning:
73, Mario DJ2MX

The following is a two part post because the number of people mentioned in a post is limited to 10 :slight_smile:

This being the Oscars weekend and the MG trophy in our ham radio world being equivalent of the Statue, I guess it’s appropriate for me to make my Trophy acceptance speech similar to those at the Academy Awards celebration: lengthy and with lot of names calling, sorry, mentioning. So, let’s start.

First of all, thank you all who wrote a few words of congratulations and those who liked Mario’s original post. Special thanks go to Mario @DJ2MX, his son Sven @DJ4MX, and our friend Ivica @9A6CW. These are people that I’ve met in person in certain points in my life and enjoyed their friendship ever since.

And then come my dear chasers, the people who made my trophy possible. First, I’d like to mention Lars @SA4BLM and Frid @DL1FU. Hearing their signals and knowing they are out there chasing me and other activators always make my day. Thank you for that great feeling and all the QSO’s, old friends.

Then, there is the famous Pamplona quartet: Jorge @EA2LU, Manuel @EA2DT, Ignacio @EA2BD, and Guru @EA2IF. Thank you amigos for all our QSO’s and your broad contribution to SOTA movement. I’ll have to visit you and your interesting city one day.

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Then come four British gentlemen: Roy @G4SSH, Phil @G4OBK, Victor @GI4ONL, and always recognizable by his Morse accent Bill @G4WSB.

Great thanks also go to my North American friends: Rich @N4EX, George @N1GB, Bob @AC1Z, and rest of the bunch.

For all those dear chasers and SOTA friends who I missed to mention above, please be assured that I appreciate and love every QSO we have ever had.

I also want to express my greatest appreciation for the people who keep the SOTA services running. In particular, I like to thank Andy @MM0FMF, for his care of our data in the SOTA database and generally very useful and entertaining participation in SOTA Forum, Rob @DM1CM for developing the most useful SOTA tool of them all, the sotamaps, and all the people who’ve developed and maintained the software infrastructure for all SOTA sites, particularly for the amazingly comprehensive SOTA Reflector.

Last, but not least, I’d like to thank my hiking and life partner Eldina for her sincere support for my SOTA adventures. Honey, this little Goat trophy is for both of us.


Congratulations, Zoran !
Well done! It is always a pleasure to work you for DX SOTA.
Hope to hear you again when you are on the summits.
73 George N1GB

You are welcome to visit us in Pamplona whenever you can and we’ll be pleased to join you for a SOTA, a beer or whatever you fancy.

Guru (OBO the famous Pamplona quartet :wink:

Thank you, Guru. We have some travel plans for this year, but the next one might be just right for visiting the Iberian Peninsula, above all your nice city and the surrounding mountains. A SOTA activation and a beer (or a few of each) sound unavoidable and we’ll certainly find some other pastimes to enjoy in. Till then, best wishes to you and your ham radio buddies.


Zoran / E70AA

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Congratulations Zoran for your MG!

I’ll be glad to join Guru and the rest to have a beer and a SOTA activation with you.

It’s nice to have plans open for 2020 !! (That year sounds special, isn’t it?)
VY 73 es GL

Thank you, Ignacio. Yes, the year 2020 sounds like a year of especially sharp vision (20/20), but we are yet to see how it’s going to turn out :slight_smile: