E70AA Zoran 2xGoat

Congratulations to Zoran E70AA on reaching 2nd Mountain Goat today on Vitreuša E7/BO-014!
Unfortunately I couldn’t work him due to the bad propagations on 20m to E7 from Munich :frowning:
But Zoran sent me some beautiful pictures from todays activation:

Well done my friend! :+1:
73, Mario DJ2MX with Sven DJ4MX


CONGRATS Zoran.TNX for the summits.

Bravo Zoran ! Congratulations !

73, Ivica 9a6cw

Congratulation Zoran!
73 Fabio

Félicitations Zoran !
Tnx for all QSO
73 Roger


73 Armin

Many thanks to my old buddy Mario, his son Sven, and all the SOTA friends who posted congratulation notes or stuck “like” icons below the Mario’s original message. I’d also like to express my true gratitude to all the chasers who over the last four years patiently waited for my CQ SOTA calls and happily answered them. I hope we’ll all together continue enjoying our beautiful hobby for many years to come…