E7 Landmine Mapping

Activators in E7, Bosnia and Herzegovina, will doubtless be aware that landmines left from the conflict in the 1990s remain an issue.

EUFOR - the European Union Force in BiH - publishes “Mine Contamination Maps”, showing all known “Mine Suspected Hazardous Areas”.

To provide a useful resource to the SOTA community we have generated summit reports that link to the EUFOR map sheet for the summit. I believe there may be a few sheets EUFOR do not provide - there’s nothing we can do about this.

We hope that this is a useful path to extra information which should help you judge which areas to avoid. Of course that final judgement is always your own responsibility.

Example (E7/BO-004)

EUFOR Map Sheet 2782-III


Thank you for providing this is very useful information.

73, Hans PB2T

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The same “problem” with landmines is in 9A (Croatia).
There is a government website where you can check the location of the minefields.
Hrvatski Centar za Razminiranje (Croatian Mine Action Centre)

Before we go to the mountains in E7 or 9A, we must check:

  1. maps @ EUFOR - the European Union Force in BiH (E7) or Croatian Mine Action Centre (9A);
  2. on Youtube if anyone was at the summit;
  3. in SOTA database if summit was activated;
  4. if there are any gps tracks (Wikiloc, https://www.stazeibogaze.info/);
  5. if there is a marked hiking trail to the summit - follow it;
  6. ask local residents if it will be safe to climb the summit;
  7. ask local SOTA activators e.g 9A6CW, 9A8RA and others (they are really helpful).

We have only one life.

Balkan activations are really wonderful and safe, as can be seen in the posts posted by the activators from those associations.

73, Jacek SQ9MDN (with several 9A and E7 activations on my account)