E7/BO-096 yesterday activation failed. Please check your log

According his facebook post ( On SOTA group) Emir E77DX/P, failed the Veliki Vitorog E7/BO-096 activation yesterday afternoon, because there was minefields ( ! ) on his path to the summit. He operated from another mountain, Mali Vitorog, which isn’t a Sota summit,


Yikes! Thanks for the heads up Fabio, I’ve deleted my chase. I don’t do facebook, so thanks for posting here.

73 Jonathan

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Let’s see if I get this right. He couldn’t get to the summit for a damn good reason so went elsewhere. And operated such that chasers thought it was a real SOTA operation. Nobody heard the reference or queried it and posted a “NOT SOTA” spot? I suppose he was sending too fast for most to understand judging by the rbnhole spots :slight_smile:

Thanks for informing everyone Fabio.


I spoke to Braco E77DX yesterday and he told me that he was on wrong summit and asks all chasers to remove there QSO’s with him from yesterday (17.08.2022 @E7/BO-096).

Well Andy @MM0FMF, CW with 37 wpm is the average speed for top contesters like Braco E77DX (E7DX) :wink:

73, Mario DJ2MX


SOTA is not a contest however. There’s no reason to call CQ for SOTA QSOs at that speed, which he is doing now. Looking at all the spots, people are operating around 18-25wpm typically. There’s a reason for that, it’s targeting the CQ call at the prospective SOTA audience rather than seeing who can pee highest up the wall.

It’s his activation so he can call at 100wpm if he wants but calling at a speed that is typically used in the domain he is now operating in would make more sense. But what would I know not being a top contester :wink:


In his defence Andy, if Braco is used to making contacts at speed, then he’s probably more comfortable than at slower speeds. I did work him and I had no problem copying at that speed, which cannot be said of most ops that send that fast!


I appologize for my fail and confusion about non SOTA operation

Activation of this summit was not realy planed , it was more improvized, when i realized i was prety close and there was some time for it.

It was a big disapontment being so close to summit, but we didn’t want to take any risk.
We didn’t find the right road trough forest to get on the main road to Veliki Vitorog.
Roads were pretty tuff without any signs and without mobile phone coverage, could not use online maps. On the end we went accros by foot to Mali Vitorog ca. 3h and about 1,5h accros till we reach under the Veliki Vitorog. There were about 20-30min left to the top
But i was called by local friend, when he saw my facebook post and who told me about possible uncleared mine field just in front of us.
Also a lot of of fresh bear excreaments were found crossing from Mali to Veliki Vitorog.
Whole situation was a bit tricky and not realy undangeros.

On the way back i decided to make few contacts from top of Mali Vitorog.
My phone was empty as well so it was not possible to share information about summit fail on time.
However condidering the cw speed, you always can ask for QRS or even QRQ.