E7/BO-057 misplaced

Activated E7/BO-057 yesterday. The peak’s name is Javorje and it is one of the peaks of the Konjuh mountain in the North-East Bosnia. See me (and the relevant peak info) at the photo below.

Everything’s great, except for the fact that the peak’s coordinates are (44.297824, 18.638075) and the QRA loc is JN94HH, which is different from what is indicated in the E7 SOTA list. The corrected location also categorizes the peak as a true 6 pointer by the Bosnian point scheme…
I hope this might be useful…
Zoran / E70AA

What’s wrong in this case Zoran is the name. The summit position and elevation are correct (ele 2m off the 1029m topo map). This means the points are also correct.

The summit you have identified at a different position and elevation should indeed be listed. Yes, the name listed for BO-57 probably belongs here (actually I see “Bandera” with “Javorje” possibly the slightly lower summit to the west?). But when we list that one it will have a new reference. This puts you in a tricky position.

Anyway, as I’m sure you know we are starting on an update to E7, and your input to that process will I’m sure be welcomed by Žaro, but probably best communicated to us directly.