E-mail received from Tom N2YTF

HA, no actually that Oct.2nd post was in error. I tried many times to post the Nov. 2nd operation and could not figure out why it did not appear…until I recognized that I was entering OCT 2nd by accident!

Sorry about that, I did not think it posted at all. If you have the ability to, please delete the Oct 2nd post, I cant seem to find it on the alerts page.

We will be shifting the clocks back an hour on Saturday, but I am pretty sure 1800GMT will be our arrival time on the summit. Keep in mind KC2HEV and his XYL will be driving up from New York City to my QTH (1 hour), and then we will drive together with my XYL another hour north to the closest lot to the summit. Then there is the 2 hour hike to the summit, so as you can see there is a lot of room for possible delays (traffic) or even being ahead of time if traffic allows. Ted (Kc2HEV) should arrive at my QTH at 10am local time, and we should arrive at the parking lot by 11am, and then arrive at the peak at 1pm. We would like to be at least 3/4 of the way back down by the time darkness falls. Ted (KC2HEV) and I will be the opps, while the ladies entertain each other, enjoy snacks and lament their new found roles in life as pack mules :slight_smile:

I planned on starting the APRS beacon with live position reporting when we arrived at the parking lot, about 2 hours before actually QSOs begin from the summit so you should have a good heads up on our progress. The road between my house and the lot at the base of the summit has lousy APRS coverage, so I will not have the beacon on until we get to the lot at the base of the mountain park. The mountain park however has excellent aprs coverage, and are packets should have no problem making it to the net. I should be sending the beacon out every 5 min or less. When the beacon is on you can send us text messages via APRS that I should be able to receive on my TH-d7ag. Also, I plan on changing the beacon status message to reflect our current operating freq, so be sure to connect to the APRS internet stream if you are interested in that information. I have details on my QRZ page.

We plan on taking lots of pictures, and some should eventually make it to the online collection of SOTA op pictures.

Keep in mind that our 60m antenna will be extremely small and we are restricted to USB only on 60, so if there was a time to beef up your 60m antenna, it would be now. We will try loading up the fire tower as a vertical, but no promises on that. Also remember that in the US we are secondary users on 60m and sometimes we cant use a frequency because of military users, and the 5.4035 is the only freq we share with you on 60. I never actually have had an international 60m contact, so I am really hoping people listen for us so I can have a personal first.

Please pass on all of this info to anyone you think may be interested.

73 and hope to work you!


In reply to M0VEY:
The frequwncies used were 20 and 40 meters.And last night 20 meters was dead as it usually is after dark.7.225 is out of band for the uk so that was also a non starter and above 7.100 is usually swamped with broadcast stations after dark.And below 7.100 this part of the band is full of european stations.It was sugested by G3CWI that 30 meters would have had a better bet.All the same thanks for trying and hope you will have another go.All the best geoff G6MZX