DXing activation 7/4/2018

Looking at the alerts last night, I got wind of some possible DXing. I set my alarm for 0400z and made my way to The Cloud G/SP-015.

Like the last couple of mornings, it was very slow going on 20m. Even Mike 2E0YYY was struggling.

In the end, I worked 14 stations - 11 on 20m CW, 1 on 20m SSB and 2 on 2m FM. DXCCs worked were G, OH, RA, SV, UR, YU - and the undisputed highlight ZL. Thanks to John ZL1BYZ.

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John always seems to get through when others don’t - I don’t know how he does it - he must have a great station!

My contacts this morning from DL/AL-171 2 Russian, 1 Finn on 20m and 2 UK, 1 DL, 2 EA, 1 SP, 1 SA, and 1 HA on 40m.

73 Ed.


John must have a really good station - it certainly isn’t my FT-817 and homemade GP doing ALL the work!

Before John was chasing SOTA, I’d only ever worked ZL once or twice, and both quite “ropey” contacts. But John has chased me many times!