Duplicates in SOTA ADIF file

I’ve been away from SOTA for a while. On coming back, I’m pleased to see that it now supports upload of ADIF. Wrote a script to create appropriate adi file from my log, and it seems to work fine.

There is one issue though that is a PITA though. If I have any duplicate entries (i.e. ones I have previously uploaded) the upload fails. Means I have to ensure log only has new entries. Is there a way to tell it to ignore duplicates like the old uploader did?

No. Pure chaser logs should be handled, but mixed logs won’t be.

(It’s really hard to define the boundary conditions to handle a mixture of activator, S2S and chaser logs in the same file, unless you split the upload in two, which most people find is a bigger PITA).

Would it not be possible just to have an “Ignore errors on upload” option so that it would accept all the correct records, and the errors could be fixed/ignored later? Not sure why every record has to be correct before the file will be accepted.

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Because, for example, people forget to delete S2S records when they delete an activation, so they want to upload an activation and if we ignore the S2S records due to duplicates, suddenly they don’t have enough QSOs to qualify the activation. I’m working on another bit of code in amongst all the other sh^H^Hthings that should make it easy to delete an entire upload, then the duplicate handling can be a bit saner. But duplicate activations always errored out (they weren’t ignored) on the old system, and only duplicate chases were accepted. The present uploader matches that situation.