Duplicate Summits in F/MC

I was looking at French SOTA summits and discovered that F/MC-187
and F/MC-232 appear to be the same summit! They are both named Floret de
Lastours and they are only about 100 metres apart.

I assume that since F/MC-187 has been found that F/MC-232 needs to be

I have sent this info to Lionel, F5NEP but I’m repeating it here because I didn’t get a response.

73, Colin G8TMV

Thanks Colin. I think there are some more dual referenced summits in France. They’ll get fixed as we continue reviewing the associations.

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Hello Collin and Andy,

As you can imagine Lionel F5NEP has been very busy those last monthes and was occupied with most important things than Sota. “Shame on us” that we (french guys") did’nt take the relay.
There are many mistakes to correct in the List of French Summits. We all know some wrong names, places, dupes and have written that in our “To Do List”.
For the moment, the few French OM involved in the Sota Program (less than 10) are looking for a “manager” that can do the link with the MT; (i guess Bob F5HTR will be the one).
So, things are going to improve, it’s on his way.

Gerald F6HBI (talking on behalf nobody but just myself)

Thanks Gerald for the update. Compared to some of the problems the summits team are resolving, the problems in France are minor. As I said, they’ll get fixed when France next gets updated although I do not know when that is likely at present. It would be nice to fix all errors as soon as possible, but in reality we don’t have the resources to do that.

The general point is that when you find some kind of error with a summit, such as spelling, position etc. then report this to the AM. Also, do give the AM a bit of leeway as they are all volunteers.

Hello dear Old Men,

here is a complementary list of redundant references for F/MC-xxx :

F/MC-202 (redundant with 025),
217 (red. 079)
215 (red. 076)
223 (red. 089)
231 (red. 184)
215 (red. 076)
234 (red. 190)
201 (red. 024)
125 (red. 116)

An other information : I’ve been answered to a mail by his own son that Christian F0-F4-F8CRM identified manager for F/MC-xxx is unfortunatly Silent-Key since 2015.

Hoping this can help.

73 from F1REI

Hi Andy,
Just came back from holidays… I was in F/AB those last days and climb a 3750m summit (f/ab-027) !
As Gérald (F6HBI) told you, we are going to re-organize the SOTA team in France. A lot of OM are not involved anymore, and our AM has more important things to do in this period.
In accordance with Alain F6ENO (foundator) and Lionel F5NEP (Ex-manager), i will take the leed of the french SOTA association.
We need a bit time to redefine rules for each one, and find other OM interested in the SOTA.
I would like to propose you, as a first step, the new team of French SOTA but i do not know your own E-mail.
I would be great to send me your contact.
Wish you all the best
My english is not very good, i hope you will understand the meaning of my message.

Robert Ducroux (F5HTR)

Bonjour Bob
Si SOTA France a besoin d’aide je me propose de participer, a la hauteur de mes dispose réduite (qrl pro)
Mes coordonnée s sont OK dans qrz.com
73 de Christian F6FTB

We are aware also of apparent duplicates in AB, AM, PE and PO.

The summits team will give as much assistance as our workload allows. Please keep in touch as you reorganise your group.

Simon, G4TJC

Bob, your English is fine. As Simon says keep the MT informed and when you ready we can fix the problems.

My email: mm0fmf AT hotmail.com

Yes, keep in touch and good luck.

Fred, F1REI