Dundry Down SC-010 - special thanks

Firstly an apology to those chasers that may have organised their Saturday to work around my scheduled alerts. Sometimes I get my scheduling wrong and when it goes wrong, it goes wrong! Early arrival at the parking spot for SC-005 meant that I started ahead of schedule and as the day progressed I got more ahead which enabled me to squeeze in the additional activation of SC-010 close to 9 p.m. I am particularly grateful to G3RMD, G0LGS, G0TRB, G0RQL, G0NES, G3OHC, G0ELJ and G4MD who all took the time to keep the shack lights on and work me at that late hour when they should have been relaxing. Also to M3SFN for switching on the rig after a hard day walking and activating in South Wales. Having an audience made the experience of Dundry Down quite a pleasant one - someone said that was because I was there when it was dark!

73, Gerald

Thank you for all the Summits Yesterday Gerald.

At weekends if I am not doing something else around the house/garden, then I’m not usually not far from the radio, as it happened I was watching a bit of TV, but you managed to time your activation to perfection (during the adverts).

73 Stewart

No apology necessary Gerald.Good to catch you on all your 6 summits not only on 2mtrs but all 6 on 70cms and all new ones for me on 70cms,a great day.
Mny tnx.73 Don.