DQRM - deliberate interference

Whilst monitoring an ON SOTA station on 40m ssb this morning I hear a caller complaining about QRM on the signal saying that he was not sure if it was deliberate.
This is the last thing one should do in my opinion !
Those who do cause DQRM enjoy the buzz they get when they know that they are causing problems.
Therefore I would suggest the best thing do to (although it is hard & needs self discipline) is to ignore it.
As a contest operator I am well aware that contests wind some people up the wrong way (even though contests date back to the very early days of amateur radio - for example the trans-Atlantic tests of the 1920s) & have experienced many instances of DQRM over the years.
From personal experience I found the best way is just to carry on as if nothing is happening & the DQRMer will soon go away to try & find someone else to annoy & try to evoke a reaction.


I couldn’t agree more. The more you respond to them the more they will do it.


It did get out of hand this morning and his running commentary was certainly not required while chasers making the contact let alone continues calling of his call.

Yet never heard this new call sign as a chaser before not far from myself.

Could had said something on air but no let the activator deal with it and he certainly did that very well. But what tickled me after it died down and made me call and got through and a certain gent still not get through.

But looking up his call does not appear to be a regular chaser at all.

Oh well on-wards and forwards