Download possible completes from

I was playing with and I see from the filters you can ask it to show possible SOTA-complete targets. Cool! Can you download them in any way? I thought I would ask before I go and write something to generate them from the DB.


I mashed together some SQL that fetches every summitID I have chased and every summitID I have activated, does an EXCEPT on the two to give me a list of every summitID that if I activate then it would be a complete. I wrote a quick edit macro for Notepad++ to convert that file to a GPX file and have that in my tiny portable computer. I use Garmin’s Basecamp to display OpenTopo maps of Europe and now can display all the possible complete targets as drive from Geneva to Friedrichshafen in June.

It’s probably worth adding this to the DB as I’m sure it would be useful.

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To search for possible completes, Manuel’s tool may be more convenient:

An existing standard tool could then be used for saving/printing.

73 gl, Heinz

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I’m splitting this up… when I’m home I’ll look for summits I’ve already activated…
Of course it is also interesting to see summits that I could make complete by activation.

I have created my excel sheets from the region summit lists.

73 Armin

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Thanks, that’s something learnt. I must check it works fine with all the possible callsigns I have used over the years.

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Heinz already posted the link to the SOTA Complete Finder on (works for other associations as well), thanks! It should work with different callsigns used on activations for the same SOTA database account too; it simply loads the entire list of activations and chases for the user from the DB based on the (primary) callsign entered in the tool, and compares the two lists.

Just to answer the initial question: SOTLAS currently does not have an option to download the filtered list of summits. The map filtering is based on filtering features in vector map tiles during rendering via MapBox GL, so for a list/download option, the filtering would have to be implemented separately with a summit database as the source.

Thanks for the explanation Manuel. I was concerned because my possible completes list was differentto yours. One of us is less correct than the other but which? That’s like the old joke about clock accuracy for navigators “Don’t take take two clocks to sea, take one or three!” (It rhymes in English). If you have one list it is right because it is the only list. If you have three then you can pick the two that agree closest. But if you have two and they’re different then you don’t which one is correct!

Anyway, I was including summits which are no longer valid in my list. Excluding them improves the accuracy no end :slight_smile:

Back to the possible completes on the map… it was wonderful when I found it, excellent stuff. It’s enabled me to pick a route through Switzerland that will let me collect maybe 8 completes before I get to the rally which makes the financial pain of hiring a car post-COVID lockdown more bearable :slight_smile: