Doug N4HNH newest W4 Goat!

Congrats to Doug N4HNH who achieved Mountain Goatness this past weekend up on Max Patch W4C/CM-036. Here is Doug at the trail sign, also pictured with the other 2/3s of the SOTA Banditos, Wayne W4KWM and Joel KC4WZB. Great work Doug!


Congratulations Doug!!! Welcome to the herd…
Always a pleasure to make contact with you…

congrats doug glad I got to work you on max patch, on to the next level HIHI

Congrats Doug!

Congratulation, Doug!

Walt NE4TN

Congrats Doug and welcome to the herd! A hard earned achievement. See ya on the air!
(goat speak for “73”)
Mike NS1TA

Congratulation, Doug!

73, Steve/wGOAT

Congratulations Doug !!

73 Rich N4EX

Congratulations Doug and many thanks for all the chaser points!

73 de Derek, WF4I

Congratulations Doug on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Way to go, Doug! Liz and I are proud to know you.

Ron and Liz
KI4TN and K1LIZ :hiking_boot:

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Great Big Congrats, Doug!

Welcome to the herd and BAAA!

Ken and Kay K6HPX & KE7BGM

Big hearty congra-aa-aa-tulations to you Doug. The W4 herd is getting bigger. Always enjoy your and Wayne’s company and enjoy your stories both in person and on Facebook.

Ariel NY4G

Congratulations Doug! Bob AC1Z

Congratulations Doug! It’s always nice to work you and I’m glad I got to participate in your Goat Summit activation. Thanks for all the chaser points.

Congratulations Doug! Thanks for all the QSO’s!

Keith KR7RK

Congratulations to my fellow bandito and amigo, Doug, N4HNH.
It has been a pleasure being along with you on many activations. Welcome to the heard my friend, BAAAAHHHHHHH

Way to call CQ SOTA! Now to work on all the other challenges.
Dean ~ K2JB

Congrats Doug, and thanks for the QSOs !
John, K6YK

Thank you so much Bob!