Double Activaton - Mte Pizzuto I/LZ-310 (new one) - Mte Tancia I/LZ-051

today double activation: Monte Pizzuto I/LZ-310 and Monte Tancia I/LZ-051.
I’ve chosen Monte Pizzuto because it hasn’t been ever activated.
After 2 hours of climb and a very steep approach in the last segment, I get to the summit.


Sunny day, no wind, perfect conditions for my setup : KX2 and AX-1 antenna (1 meter long).

From Monte Pizzuto I’ve logged 26 qso (2 real DX: KD1CT and K4DY).

Another hour of walk and I get to the Monte Tancia summit where I made 28 qso.

Thank you to all chasers !

'73 de Emanuele IZ0ETE


Congratulations! Looking on I’m surprised there are so many unactivated summits near Rome (Roma). Plenty of scope for more first activations. :slight_smile:


I love the “monti sabini”, nice & wild summit !!

73 And IW0HK

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You are right !
I love to activate never activated summit.
I hope that in the next few months my friends and I will activate more unactivated summits near Rome.

Emanuele IZ0ETE


Good job and a great climb for a good workout.