Double activation with great finale

For my first holiday I chose to activate two summit in Imagna Valley. I reached Fuipiano by car and I started to climb I/LO-198 I Canti at 17:00 local time. I spent about 30 minute to activate the summit working 20 and 60meter. I passed in qrt with ten qso in the log. I ran down and climbed up the second summit Zuc de Valmana I/LO-199. I started to call in 80mt with without any result, I tried on 60-cw and 40-ssb with discrete pile up. I made the last calls on 20cw with the grey zone, I managed in the log an esotic callsign @7n1fre. It was the first time that I put in the log a japanese station from sota. Many thanks Kazuhiro San!!

My setup was kx3 5watt and 9.5mt vertical wire with 1:64 trasformer for 20mt, for low band I used a 1:1 trasformer and some long wires radials on the ground.

From I Canti I/LO-198

Panorama from I Canti

From Zuc di Valmana I/LO-199

Panorama from Zuc di Valmana

Greyzone on Zuc di Valmana

Thanks at All chasers!!
73 de iw2obx


Congratulation to your very first Sota contact with Japan. That’s what I looking for since starting Sota.
Your 1/2 wavelength vertical with transformer is my favorite as well.
73 Chris


Thanks Christoph, I working for a 20mt resonant wire on 9.5mt telescopic pole… I will open a topic!
Have a nice day

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Thank you for our contact.
It was also the first time that I put in the log a Italian station from SOTA.
Many thanks Roberto!
I am looking forward to doing S2S with you someday.



Hi Roberto,

nice to read this. My congratulations for your DX!

How did you fix your pole? It seems there is a metal rod at the bottom. Much gear for your antenna and much work to bring it on the summit.

73, Ludwig

Hi Kazuhiro,
I was looking for east cost of united states, it was a great surprise!

Hi Ludwig,
I use a picket for fishing pole,
Weight 275gr. But it works fine.

73 Roberto