Double activation tomorrow and tribute. F/PO-137 & EA2/NV-003


after some busy weeks without any SOTA activation, I plan to hike tomorrow, weather permitting, to F/PO-137 Pic D’Orhy.

I’d like to take the chance of activating in France to give a special QTC with each QSO we complete, by sending the exchange + the word “Peace”.
I’d like to do it as a tribute to all people who passed away yesterday in Paris.

This summit is one of the remaining ones which retains a double reference, as the summit is in the very border with Spain. When I finish the activation in France I’ll move my operating position to the Spanish downhill to activate EA2/NV-003.

CU tomorrow, 73 de Ignacio


Hi Ignacio.

We shouldn’t have any issues with weather tomorrow.
It looks like we’ll have a nice sunshine and no wind at all, so just perfect.

I’ll be activating a new unique in company of my 5 year old son. I hope to S2S with you under the F and EA references, as this will give us two perfect completes. I call them perfect completes because they won’t be just SOTA complete but also the same callsigns will be involved, as you chased me when I last activated that summit with both F and EA references.

We should be able to S2S on 2m FM with very little power. See where we’ll be tomorrow. You over 2000m and I over 1360m a.s.l.

Good luck with both activations.
Best 73 de Guru

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Hi Guru,
Very good, I look forwatd for the S2S and complete.
I forgot to mention that this actuvation will bring me to my 100 summits activated and 500 points.
With this rate I will reach Mountain Goat in another 5 years …



Intentate cazarte… s2s…


Interesting situation this morning.
People calling in on 14300 as you set up and working a NONE sota in DL an GMA.

Then when you finally came on air on 14315 nothing heard but chasers for first five minutes and then out of the blue you were 5/8 strong and loud and worked you.

Now listening to 28550 for you, no prop from south of me at moment ;-(

Thanks again