Donnington 2007

Jimmy and I are running a SOTA stand at this year’s Donnington show. It will be there on the Saturday only due to us both having to go to school on the Friday.

As per usual, volunteers to do a bit of staffing during the day would be greatly appreciated. I would like the opportunity to do a bit of browsing and shopping around this show.

Rob - I see you will be there. Any chance of bringing down the photos / quizzes / display items that you and Audrey bring to the Blackpool shows?

Undecided yet as to whether to travel down on the Friday night or early Saturday morning. Where are people staying on the Friday night, and do they fancy a meal/beer if Jimmy and myself will be there by then?

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All being well I will be down this year. So will give a hand if required.

73 agn

Jack (;>J

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I’ll be there on the Saturday, though mainly to show my face at the RAIBC stand. I will come over and say hello though and perhaps give you cover to get to the loo…
Buying stuff at the RAIBC stand is of course the best way to get a bargain and give to a good cause at the same time! For those of you that don’t know me I’m the handsome devil in the blue three wheel electric scooter…
Hope to see some of you there.

Many thanks Jack and Quentin. Your help would be appreciated. I have also had two further pledges of ‘stand time’ from other SOTA participants via direct email. With Liam, Jimmy & I, we now have the nucleus of a ‘workforce’, but not really enough to give everyone (OK, well me really) a fair crack of the whip at looking around the show.

Can anyone else offer to do a slot? It can be at an agreed time, or more ad hoc, ie just turn up and take over for an hour at your own convenience. SOTA T-shirts/seatshirts for those helping out are desirable - but not essential. If anyone dares bring along their MG/SS trophy for use on the display, that would be useful, but understand if holders prefer not to. (I don’t own one - yet).

Please come along and say hello if you are at the show.

Tom M1EYP, Jimmy M3EYP & Liam.

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Be warned there is a major Renault Sport meeting at Donnington this weekend.
Probably best to go or arrive Friday to avoid the traffic queues. This might also affect local accomodation friday night.

Roger Leighton

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I was at Donnington last year and there was Renault Sport thingy on. The traffic wasn’t too bad but the noise from outside was pretty horrible at times!
I am there mainly in my RAIBC role, and because its the only proper rally I get to. I’ll be there for the last hour or two on Friday so I’ll come and see you first thing Saturday Tom and arrange to give you some cover, so you get a look round. It shouldn’t be a problem as long as I am sat or able to stay in my “wheels”. I don’t have any SOTA attire sorry :frowning:
Have I mentioned before that the RAIBC stand is a great way to grab a bargain and donate to a good cause all in one go…?
See you Saturday

Jimmy, Liam and I cannot get over there tonight, so it will be an early start tomorrow. We will do our best to be set up and ready for the show opening on the Saturday morning, but bear with us if the traffic is bad.

We look very much forward to meeting everyone; please come and say hello. Thanks to all the volunteers who have pledged to ‘do a bit’ on the stand. All SOTA participants are welcome to drop in and man the stand for a while.

73, Tom

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Hi, Quentin.

Yes, I’m afraid it’s going to be noisy again. Apart from the racing, our Demo Team is running the F1 car for a couple of laps each day.

73, Richard.

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Hi Tom!

Well as I said “all being well” I would be down at the rally. Well all was not well with a sudden change to business commitment which meant I couldn’t get away today (Friday). Auch-well at least the wx looks good for this weekend so may try and get out on some local hills.

I hope the rally goes ok?

Maybe cu next year??


Jack (;>)

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so may try and get out on some local hills

I’ve got cabin fever after not getting out last weekend and I’m thinking of Ballencleuch Law and Well Hill sometime this weekend!

Also think about Gallasheils Rally which is imminent.


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I have just returned home to Scarborough from Donnington (Friday) after visiting the usual enjoyable and very popular Leicester show.

The M1 North of Donnington was running quite smoothly apart from the M18/M1 junction where there is about 5 miles of roadworks (50 mph) and 2 mile queues either side.

The Renault Sport racing is on at Donnongton this weekend and diversions are being prepared to make the road from East Midlands Airport to Donnington one way for the weekend and southbound Donnington traffic diverted off the M1 at Junction 24A instead of 24.

Racing cars were practising and very noisy outside, but almost inaudible inside the hall.


We left Macclesfield at 6.35am and enjoyed a fast and unimpeded run via the A536 to Congleton, A34 to Talke, A500 to Stoke and A50 to just before the M1. Here we breakfasted at the services and devoured delicious sausage, bacon, hash brown and mushroom viennas. Then we followed the brown Donington Park signs via Castle Donington and straight into the rally venue site, still no traffic jams. It seems we were either lucky enough or early enough, for we heard some real horror stories later on about other rally-goers being stuck 3 hours in queues and some even abandoning and turning back.

The Renault event, compounded with the rally, was putting great pressure on the local road network, as wellas considerable pressure on everyone’s ears as the Meganes tore around the circuit causing great noise in the hall. It seems they had decided to leave a few doors open today, in response to the stifling heat experienced in the hall the previous day, but this did allow a lot of noise in!

Jimmy and I set up the SOTA stand with all the usual display items and the banner, but it was missing the splendid array of laminated summit photographs to be provided by Rob G4RQJ and Audrey. They, unfortunately, were victim to the traffic jams.

Quentin GW3BV arrived as promised and ran the stand for a while allowing me to look around the show. I thought it was rather a good show with lots of good displays from traders and clubs alike. It was nice to meet Rob Mannion (editor of PW) and Elaine Richards (editor of Radio User) for the first time, although we had been in correspondance for years with my press releases fr SOTA and the Macclesfield & DRS, as well as occasional articles.

“Business” was slow at the SOTA stand, and I’m not sure whether this is a beneficial event to attend as an exhibitor in future. It was certainly nothing like the interest level and buzz generated every year at Norbreck, Blackpool. The latter is, significantly I feel, almost enclosed geographically with major SOTA regions, whereas Donington is not. Part of the reason of the slow start was the difficulty many were finding in getting to the venue by road. Once Rob and Audrey turned up, and added all their superb SOTA display items, interest did pick up with plenty of SOTA friends and a few just beginning their interest. It still was not to Norbreck levels though.

Audrey’s traditional baking for the SOTA stand this year, was a large tin of delicious shortbread, much of which was dealt with single-handedly by Liam, in-between his periodic departures to peer through the railings to catch a glimpse of the Eurocup Megane Trophy. I had been considering a major rig purchase for a good while, and once I realised that the date was 8/9/7, I decided it was meant to be and got myself one.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day (which continued with an activation of my favourite summit - see another thread), while being unsure as to the future viability of a SOTA stand at this event. Many thanks to Quentin, Rob, Audrey, Jimmy and Liam for their invaluable help with the stand, and to Richard G3CWI for helping to prepare some display items and kindly sponsoring the fee for the stand.

In reply to M1EYP:

I went to Donington Saturday .
I have been to this rally every year since 2000. Overall I found the Rally dissapointing. Not many people there & you could move around easily. Maybe some people are still in the queue from Junction 23A on the M1 trying to get in.
Not much of a flea market, maybe due to the high prices for a table. Guess that’s why half the tables were totally empty. Okay quite a few emporiums there &
kenwood, Yaesu & Icom with plenty of radios on display but apart from that, poor.
Elvaston castle was much better with a real fleamarket with loads of stalls, not just half a dozen.
Bad organisation in the car park. We were directed to a field for the race traffic & thus had a long walk to the exhibition centre.
Bacon sandwiches £3.30 I think not. Glad I took some pack up. £4 admission fee very steep. £24 a day to trade outside is mind boggling. Our local rally at Hornsea (23rd September) offers tables inside the main hall for just £6 .
We had problems leaving Donington with the traffic & what with the noise of those racing cars, i doubt I will be returning to Donington.
m0vey Phil.