How exciting!

Just noticed a self-spot for an activation of Whernside G/NP-004, on 10MHz PSK. Now datamodes is a new skill we (M0HGY & M1EYP) have armed ourselves with over the last 12 months.

I excitedly called Jimmy to the shack, and we tuned to 10.140MHz, and set the mode to PSK31 to start with (the spot was non-specific as to speed). We found a couple of weak signals on the waterfall, neither of which MMVARI in Logger32 could decode.

Then a strong signal comes up, but it is a CQ call from YO3AIS. I kept looking for M0KCB in the waterfall, but never found him.

Then, about 5 minutes ago, I notice the “TEST - please ignore” in the comments line of the spots. In my loudest and best Homer Simpson impression: “DOH!”.