Does WSPR count for SOTA activation?

If this has previously been covered, please accept my apologies. I did several searches here and did not uncover an answer.

Since WSPR essentially is transmitting and then seeing who hears you in real time, is WSPR acceptable for a SOTA activation? Rule 3.10 states, “All modes and amateur radio bands are valid for the programme”.

Assume I hiked to a SOTA summit with a WSPRLite and antenna. Assume I set up, ran the WSPR Lite from a battery for a few cycles and saw that it was received by a dozen WSPR monitor/reporting stations. Could I log those and call it a successful SOTA activation?

My CW skills are suffering after a stroke and am seeking a way to operate HF SOTA.

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No. It has to be 2-way QSOs with other amateurs.

Consider this…

If I listen on 2m FM on a summit and hear 4 repeaters send their ident, can I log them as my 4 QSOs?

Does that answer your question sufficiently?


Short answer is no.
See Rule 3.8 para 2.

That’s not fun. Normally people have a problem getting to the summit and the radio is not an issue.This sounds to be the other way round.

Maybe you could activate with another ham who can assist with radio part? Or you could try some data modes?

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Could a tablet touch keyboard or similar be used to send morse code? I am assuming that receiving would not be a problem.

Thank you for the answers!

The stroke was in 2005. I have recovered physically. However, there is some neural disconnection from ears to brain, making comprehension of what I hear very difficult. Used to be able to copy CW nearly 50 WPM no problem. Now, I struggle to copy even 13 WPM, so gave up on CW. SSB is very tough copy also. I can copy AM (without QSB) and FM easily.

The other thread with the OP complaining about some of us only activating on 2m got me wondering if I could figure out a way of doing HF SOTA activations without CW or SSB.

Some background: I am an RF and radio systems engineer and have been working in broadcasting my entire life. Luckily, the stroke did not affect my IQ or engineering abilities. Only some physical limitations which I am always eager to overcome.

Thank you again, and 73,


Paul, I am sure that you will work out a way…
VHF/UHF FM with an antenna better than a rubber ducky - perhaps a small Yagi?
HF using digital modes: there are some neat solutions around based on a RasberryPi and fldigi or WSJT FT8.
Good luck.


Yes, I activate 2m using radios with VERY tight receivers and either a homebrew foldable 2m quad or a 3 element yagi. In a pinch, I also use a telescoping 1/2 wave whip. So far, very successful.

Maybe you could activate with another ham who can assist with radio part? Or you could try some data modes?

Thank you for the suggestions. Trying to keep the SOTA pack lightweight and easily deployable. Also dislike the idea of having to rely on someone else. I like to be independent and easily deployed.

FYI, check out my SOTA box that is very easily to be deployed.

My trusty FT-817, 5AH battery, tuner and a Raspberry PI for FT8 and my modified (longer whip) 1899T antenna attached on the lid.

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Paul, expeditions to SOTA summits do not have to be “successful” to be fun! See my posting Using 2M FM for Activations - #58 by N2GBR

73, Alfred, OE5AKM

RTTY? PSK? Heaven forbid FT8 <(ol)

Give us heads up and I would have a digital program ready to go!

Kent K9EZ

in WSJT7 - WSJT9 (2011-2013 IIRC) there was a WSPR QSO mode

Tx/Rx sequence was 2mins maybe that’s why it didn’t catch on.

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