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Dodd fell G/NP-016

Hi All i am off to Hawes next week and thought i would take in a sota summit in the form of Dodd fell.
Now i don’t have a map for the area but if i recall correctly i did activate this summit a few years back during the PW QRP contest.
am i right in thinking i drive through the town of Hawes and then turn right up the hill past the cheese factory and keep on going up through Gayle and along beggermans road until i reach a track on my left??.
After this iam not sure about directions but i do know it’s not far from here
any clues would be good.
P.S i am driving from Northumberland
cheers Keith M1VHT

In reply to M1VHT:
Keith, put the NGR into the OS Get-A-Map and then click on the edge to move it around and find access points.


Brian G8ADD


In reply to M1VHT:
Yes Keith you are right; head south from Hawes & thro Gale except after going up the steepest part of the hill it levels out. Just after that the road takes a left and goes down to Buckden. At that point take a right onto a gated road labelled Cam Houses only. It’s about SD 8592 8448. Open the gate and go along the road SW then W; it’s fairly flat at about 1900 ft. Open another gate and drive as far as Pennine Way at Kidhow; SD 8592 84483.

Park and walk N up the PW and thro a gate at SD 8323 8413. After that ‘bale off’ right off the track at SD 8339 8434 to pick up a path at SD 8349 8434 and follow it to the summit via beck SD 83517 84317, SD 83761 84389 and SD 83970 84528. There’s no wall and it’s exposed but for the trig at SD 84100 84590.

73, John G4YSS

In reply to G4YSS:
Thanks to Brian, John and M1EYP for the info and links it’s all coming back to me now LOL
will post an alert nearer the time when i can look at a half reliable weather forcast
cheers Keith M1VHT