DO1DJJ from DM/HE-003: DX on 2m

Today I activated DM/HE-003. Großer Feldberg/Taunus.
The usual equipment: Yaesu FT-857 and HB9CV-antenna for 2m.

Surprise, surprise: SK6DK and OZ6TY in the log.
144MHz SSb.

Watch my video, the QSO with Kjell, SK6DK on: DO1DJJ/p at SOTA DM/HE-003 - YouTube

73 and good dx de
DO1DJJ, Joerg

In reply to DO1DJJ:

Hi Joerg - you have posted this on the German language reflector. There is a good tropo lift on at the moment. I live near Manchester and I was listening to Dutch and Belgian stations on 88 - 108 Mhz on my car radio. I may go up G/SP-004 a bit later.
73 Steve G1INK.

In reply to G1INK:
I’ll try after work, about 16 UTC from a non-sota.
Perhaps, you remeber me, hamradio 2009 saturday lunch…