Do you know W9MRH?

The MT are trying to contact W9MRH.

He is not receiving our emails. Perhaps he needs to check his spam/junk folders? Or give whatever he uses a kick.

However, if you know him, can you let him we’ve tried to email him.

Until he provides an address that works and accepts mail from the MT then there’s no point complaining to us that he’s being ignored. :slight_smile:

He chases me pretty regularly. I should be on a summit Tomorrow, and will pass this along (via CW) if he chases me. That ought to confuse the heck out of everyone! :laughing:


I sent E-mail to W9MRH

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I remember having a CW QSO with John G3WGV from a summit on the way to visit him. During the QSO he asked me to bring some milk. Fortunately my CW was up to it.


I got next response from W9MRH:
Thank you Oleh!!!

I’m trying to contact them but am having trouble.


Mike – w9mrh

I received another E-mail from Mike, W9MRH, and he asked me to copy and paste paragraph from it into thread to clarify and issue. You it below:
Nothing has changed. I did go back through my spam filter as far back as 3/15/20. I didn’t find anything from them. I’ve tried registering on the reflector but am told my account already exists but refuses every password I try. Tried “forgot password” but no email reaches me. It is very possible that the email account I registered with is one that is no longer valid. They can use and even if our spam trap snags it I will be able to find it there.

Sadly that is the email address I used. I will try something else later.

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Which is why people need to update email addresses when they change them. Or get an account with a reliable email provider where the address wont change.

FWIW the MX for that domain is Barracuda networks. It may not even be reaching his inbox or spam box if they are punting for reasons of their own… ???

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