Do not buy from FengRuiTong store

I ordered on Aliexpress from FengRuiTong store dc cabel for my ft450. Never received it.

It is said that cable is sent. Aliexpress said that cable is sent and there is nothing they can do. I asked FengRuiTong store to check with Chinese post. I get the answer they will but never received what realy happened.

This is second order from Aliexpress I paid and never received. My opinion is that Aliexpress is not good place to buy.

I ordered another cable from another store.

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Did you pay via PayPal ?

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No :frowning:

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Two out of how many?

I estimate that about 5% of the products I ordered were not as advertised or never arrived. To be on the safe side, I would add at least 10% of the order value to the final price for such “issues”.

If I can find the same item locally for let’s say “only” 5 times the price of Aliexpress, I’ll buy it from a local seller (that probably bought it from Alibaba) :wink:

73 Stephan


Ahh :frowning: Credit card?