DMG Eric AD6VT Amazing Summer!

(I was going to post this under Eric’s Double Mountain Goat reflector post, but I didn’t want the info to get lost in the replies, so here is a new post).

My XYL and I were fortunate enough to meet Eric and his XYL in May, while passing through Bishop, CA. We did a couple peaks together in the Sierras and had a blast.

Eric then went high peak crazy in the summer June - August, doing 30 peaks, only 5 below 10,000 feet. The peaks varied from 8,219 to 14,245 feet, with an average elevation of 11,608 feet. He scored 294 + 33 bonus points, all in 3 months. I thought these are some amazing and impressive stats that should not be overlooked!

Congratulations Eric on making Double Mountain Goat is less than 8 months!