DM1LE/P Stephan.M/Goat

Well done Stephan and congratulations on gaining Mountain Goat.73 Don.

Congratulations Stephan on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy 2E0EYP

In reply to G0RQL:
Congratulations on achieving MG, Stephan !
Thanks for all SOTA QSO’s - always nice to hear you from summit,

73 bye
OE7PHI Hansjoerg (John)

Hallo Stephan,
congratulations for the new status. Best whishes for
you and thanks for all QSOs we have made.
73 until the next qso, perhaps S2S.
Norbert (DK9ES)

Congratulations Stephan on gaining Mountain Goat. Thanks for the S2S contacts. 73 Joerg

In reply to G0RQL:

Well done indeed. With so many mountain goats it is easy to forget just how hard this award is to achieve.

73 Richard G3CWI

Hello Stephan,

congratulations! You have done so many activations in a very short time of just 13 months. Very well done.
Good luck and I hope to hear you from a summit again soon.

73 Lutz DL3SBA

Congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat.


Thank you very much for all your good wishes and congratulations.

I’m really overwhelmed that we had more than 3800 QSO’s from 124 summits since I began SOTA activations in october 2011. Many many thanks for all the nice contacts!

I also would like to thank the SOTA-MT and all other supporters who created and keeping up-running this nice SOTA platform including all its tools.

I’m really glad that I managed it to get my 1000 points full before the winter is coming. As on my mountain goat summit tour (OE/TI-300) I got once more a good impression how deep snow can complicate things. Indeed I expected much snow, so I decided to take the less difficult but longer way up to the summit. But only a few hundred meters before reaching the summit, starting at about 2000m sea level, I had to traverse several times very steep flanks just below the ridge. At this points the narrow path was completely hidden under the snow and on each step I sunk into the deep snow up to my hips. Finally I escaped the deep snow and enjoyed all the SOTA QSO’s on the summit :slight_smile:

I hope to hear you soon on one of my next summit activations.

vy 73 Stephan, DM1LE

Just on the way to my next summit :slight_smile:

Hello Stephan!

Congratulations and thanks for all the SOTA-QSOs!

73 de Chris, OE3CHC. awdh

Congratulations, Stephan. What I’ve heard of you shows good operating practice, and since you went for the really high summits that probably helped make you easier to work too. :slight_smile: