DM/TH-851 by DL2AJB/P

Hi everybody

Who worked DL2AJB/P december 27, 2011 7Mhz SSB ?
I’ve in my log one QSO with him at 13:41 UTC with SOTA reference DM/TH-851 !!
Can’t retreive any info ?? please help.


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Hi Eric

I did not work Jens in December but worked Lutz DJ3AX/P today on the same SOTA DM/TH-851 and have no problems accessing the data-base.
Keudelskuppe 485m 4 points. Not previously acivated


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Hi Roy
TKS - I seen that on database that why asked for DL2AJB/P
Will ask him directly.


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Hi Eric
I also worked Jens DJ2AJB/P on 27/12/10 at 1344 UTC on 7.117 SSB from DM/TH-851 but I see that he has not yet uploaded his activator log

73 Graham G3OHC

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Many thank’s Graham, was thinking on a joke, but now we are 2 concerned :o)

73 Eric F5JKK

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I worked Jens @ 13:30 UTC and the reference is right.
Probably it’s question of time (especially if he also reads this topic) and he uploads his activator log.

73: Jóska, HA5CW

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Now I added the summit sri fer late…
DJ3AX gave me a call. Sometimes I forget things. Im getting older :wink:

In reply to DL2AJB:Also Jens can you please confirm that you activated DM/NS-001 on 29/10/10. Thanks and 73’s de John.

Hi John

I worked DB5SB at 0954 UTC on 29/10/10 on 7.095 SSB from DM/NS-001 if that helps ?

73 Graham G3OHC

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Hi John
Worked Jens too > 29/10/10 10:03Z 30m CW from DM/NS-001

73 Eric