DM/TH-057 DL3VTA/P 27/10/2019

HI All
Worked Michael this morning and he give DM/TH-057 reference for his summit !
Maybe copied wrong, DATABASE say no good reference ! Anybody copyied other reference ?
73, Eric

Perhaps it was the GMA DA/TH-057 (not SOTA-DM) - someone was up there today as they were worked:


73 Ed.

Tks Ed,
Maybe but he was in Alert SOTAwatch3 and also spoted at :

DL3VTA/P on DM/TH-057

[RBNHole] at HB9JCB 26 WPM 28 dB SNR (by RBNHOLE)

7.0335 cw

73 Eric

summit only valid from 09/2003 to 12/2008

HI Martin
Yes I see that and why I posted my question 8^)
No trouble will delete thiS qso
73 Eric F5JKK

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Bsr Eric.
Oui, j’ai également la référence DM/TH-057.
Ancienne référence qui a basculé sur du GMA DA/TH-057.
Je t’entends durant nos périodes de chasse aux SOTA avec des signaux variables en fonction des bandes, heures et propagation. C’est marrant.
73 QRO

Merci Roger
J’ai entendu ton QSO avec lui et je pensais n’avoir pas copié la bonne référence :slight_smile:
A bientĂ´t
73 QRO

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