DM/TH-041 wrong ref sorry!

Today on my 2nd summit between 1100 & 1200 I was giving the above ref which was wrong, I was on DM/TH-042. Please amend your logs, I think it is worth the same score. In my enthusiasm to save the world, instead of writing on paper I wrote it on my hand. Once I got to the summit, the ref had disappeared in a sweaty mess. On a lighter note, the bands were terrible today, not helped by massive qrm from the tv tower on TH-004 and all the contests.

Yes bands were utter rubbish today, I gave up about lunch time and just switched off the radio not hearing anything worth chasing. :frowning:

Hope you are enjoying your DM tour. I think I have retired as I can’t be bothered to go out nowadays. :cry:

73 Neil

P.S. A proper activator wouldn’t get the reference wrong. Hi Hi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Steve,

Sorry I missed you today. Well friends from the USA have been staying for the last few days; so not much radio. They fly back tomorrow so today we had to go off to Bodiam Castle so I was QRT by 1000Z - oh well. Hopefully catch you on the next one - heat wave 30C+ due on Tuesday :slight_smile: here in East Sussex.
Night night

Hi Steve,

I have corrected my log, nice to meet you on 40 m today. Have a good time travelling in Thüringen. I hope the condition will improve but I could copy you very well at my noisy QTH.
73 and 55


Morning Steve.

 Missed you on that one did try in on the 40m no joy hearing me and can understand why now. Yet chased you around the bands on the next one TH-696 including 10m till you settled on 20m.

   As for crap bands and switch off nah, best time as its quieter and when something does happen you can be there. Still worked some good Sota's including Eva on LX-001 on 40m, was so surprised when she answered me straight away expected bit of a struggle. 6 Sotas worked including two on 10m. Yes bands may be crap, always work on basis you just never know.

Come on you goat's this mega sloth is awaiting your calls and some QRM off the contest but mainly on 10m not enough to interfere.